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But they're wrong about one thing: I don't deserve death. That would be too easy. This agonizing pain in my chest, whether physical or mental, is my solace. Living is hell so I deserve to live it.

Wait a second...

Hm... That's odd.

Why does it feel like I've been falling for so long?

The answer was simple: He was in the sky at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

Cadell hurtled towards the earth's surface.

He would have yelled, but the deficiency of oxygen robbed him of the chance to breathe let alone shout. Gusts of freezing air whipped against his body which plummeted downwards at an average speed of 173 feet per second. He quickly lost consciousness from asphyxia.

However, one third away from a not so comfortable landing, his eyes fluttered open. He groggily assessed the situation for a few seconds. And then for a few more seconds. And then...

 And then

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This went on for quite some time but it wasn't long before the boy's sheer terror turned into sheer wonder. London was a beautiful city at night. Among a sea of darkness, glistening white and orange lights sparkled down below.

"Woooohoooo!" Cadell yelled. "I'm flying!"

Are you out your MIND, boy? The voice shouted. You're falling!

Cadell's three seconds of marvel vanished as the questions of a normal human being flooded his brain. And of course, the questions had to be ridiculous like they always were. How did he go from being stabbed to falling in mid-air? How could he stop himself from breaking every bone in his body?

You must escape. The voice droned.

"Yeah, no shit!" Cadell screamed as his body began to flip forwards. The intensity of the city lights increased and he could now clearly see the distinct shape of buildings. This was it, Cadell thought. He was going to die in the most ridiculous and painless way possible. Instead of getting shanked to death, he would take to the skies like a delusional Dodo who thought it could fly.

But then an idea hit him.

"Let's teleport!" Cadell yelled.


"Mr voice, let's go somewhere safe!"

Another fail.

"By the power of my mighty craziness, I will teleport!


"Shazam?!" He really wanted that one to work.

Lightened by the orange glow of street lights, concrete came into view. Cadell was about to close his eyes when a swirling, circular mass of purple floated horizontally above the ground and within a mere nanosecond, he knew what it was.

 It was wonderful. It was beautiful. It was the nerd's dream he never knew he had.

It was a portal.

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