Chapter 3

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 "That wasn't like what I thought it would be "I said as I finally got off the death machine

"Come on it wasn't that bad "Noah said smiling at me as I looked at him with an angry look "ish calm down only joking" he said raising his arms up in defense before walking away

"the old man is gonna have a heart attack when he finds out what she is "Harper said smiling at me , but before they looked at me if I were their enemy or was is this just a game , whatever it is it's not important , the old man they keep talking about is the one who runs the Guild when he finds out that I'm the daughter of hell what will he do to me "are you gonna just stand there or are you coming "she said grabbing my arm like she did when I first met her dragging me along with her to the Guild , like they did before kicking the door open they announced their coming back with made the guild cheer in joy

"Willow "Aaron yelled as his deep voice echoed the whole room before the small girl appeared in from of him

"you're back from your trip , that's nice , I'll inform the master "she said with a smile "and I'll bring you guys something to eat "she said as Harper and Noah smiled at the word food

"Actually can you call him out here we have something to show him "he said looking at me in a side glance as Willow nodded before vanishing in tin air

"Aaron" I started to say regretting them bring me here knowing that I will probably be expelled by who my father is , but I was cut off by a large bang

"my kids" a loud voice said as it directed it to an old man , not so tall but enough for him to stand out , he had white hair that was tied back as a short beard was decorating his face holding a huge smile as he looked at the three demigods , as they smiled back "what's the meaning for what you wanted to show me "he asked looking up to Aaron in curiosity

" I have great news for you "Aaron started before the old man looked at me with a smile

"I'm guessing you're the news " he said looking at me as Aaron looked at the old man trying to figure out how the man knew " a demigod I assume "he said approaching me to take a better look at me

"the daughter of Hades "Aaron told him as his face looked shocked at what Aaron had said

"the daughter of Hades "he repeated as I nodded to confirm "on human land but they haven't surfaced in decades" he looked at me in a way I couldn't describe

" I have left from the underworld not so long ago "I started to speak feeling a bit uncomfortable under the whole guilds eyes on me " it's not where I belong , I do not fit to be a child of Hades , or nor do I intent to became what my sister and brother became or what my father is "I told him as he looked at me intrigued "I want to be more than the child of Hades , I want have my own name to people to judge upon not my father's "I added

" Raven Tale will be sure to help you with that "he said smiling as I looked at the rest of the guild who held the same smile "we don't judge from where you come from , we judge on who you are "he continued as I looked at him feeling like this was the place I should have gone a long time ago "and I can that you will do great things , my child "he said as I looked at him with tears brimming my eyes "and I'm sure you'll have help doing those great things "he said looking at his kids , as they all smiled at me , as Harper held my hand

"welcome to the guild "she said smiling brightly as everyone cheered , my face light up with happiness , never in my life have I ever experienced this from people who not know me but are certain that I belong with them

"now let's see what she can do" a female voice said as the crowd opened up for her to pass through , her short strawberry hair was covering on of her eyes as she looked at me with excitement , she wore a normal armor like everyone in the room but it fitted her life it was made to show off all her curves

"Ella , she just got here you are not gonna kill her "the old man said knitting his eyebrows together as , Ella laughed as she came close to him standing taller than him

" she's a Raven I wouldn't do that.... but she still hasn't done initiation yet , just by seeing who showed her in " she looked at Harper who growled at Ella , just by that I can assume the two don't get along

"what does that mean "Harper barked at Ella who held a a teasing smile

"it means that you were incapable of following tradition " Willow piped in getting a glare from Harper , fighting a guild member is a tradition

"I will do it "I spoke up earning a weird look from Harper and a grin from Ella "if its tradition I'll be happy to do it "I added looking at Ella who looked at the old man

" just try and keep it minimum I don't need the consul giving us another warning "he said as everyone cheered at his permission

"you don't need to do this "Aaron said as everyone was coming out to see the fighting tradition "especially with Ella , you can pick someone else" he told me

"she offered first "I said to him looking at her speak to a man with jet black hair in a up do style he looked bored at what was happening "why should I pick someone else "I asked curious

"she's the devil "Harper muttered she was sitting next to us , I looked at her confused  

"she and Ella have a history" Noah said popping out of nowhere with a smile on his face and holding half of a sandwich "they hate each other's guts , just because Harper couldn't win a fight against her and still can't" he said smiling at her with a teasing look

"you can't either you dick" she snarled at him as he laughed "nobody can , that's why she gets better missions than us "she rolled her eyes annoyed

"she has more experience than us Harp " Aaron said "she did train with him when he was younger "he added as Harper rolled her eyes again

"are you guys done talking so we can see what she can do "Ella asked looking at us with a smile, looked at Aaron who nodded before sitting next to Harper as Noah followed him

"KICK HER ASS" Harper yelled glaring at Ella who winked at her making Harper even more annoyed 

 "I'll go easy on you don't worry "she said smiling before she was lifted off the ground

 * I actually forgot to add a detail about the story, its not actually in modern time , its in told times with a modern twist to make it more interesting in other chapters you'll see what I'm talking about. And the girl is Thea well more exactly her eyes, hoped you like today's chapter. Until next time* 

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