Chapter 18

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Neil's POV (From the hospital scene)

The doctor came out and informed us that ayesha was out of danger. She was unconscious. She had broken her right hand because of the collision.

I sighed. I was feeling thankful and frustrated at the very same time. Thankful.. As she had saved my life and frustrated.. Because she had done so by risking her own life.

We waited for her outside. Finally, madam gained consciousness and we all went inside. Err.. All except me as I was leaning by the door only. I wanted to deal with her alone.

I wanted to tell her the entire truth. I knew that I would lose her but then it would be better than the guilt which I am currently feeling. But I can't tell her now. It's not the correct time. I will tell her once she gets well.

She started taunting the doctor. Oh God!! What is she.. a human or an alien?? Finally everyone went. When I tried to enquire her of her actions she just spoke the twilights famous dialogue.

Err.. Girls and their love for twilight. I told her that I would be back in few minutes and went out. There I I told Sam to take the girls safely back to the resort while I will take care of Ayesha.

I came back and found her sleeping. I sat on the stool and held her hand and tried to sleep. She was hurt today and its all because of me.

I had just drifted to sleep when I heard her voice. She was in pain. I woke up immediately and called for the doctor. The doctor gave her the a strong sleep dose and she dozed off.

Next morning, I woke up before Ayesha. She was sleeping peacefully. Maybe it was the effect of pills. She looked like a real angel while sleeping. I can't tell her about my plan. Atleast not till the time she recovers. Later, we went back to Mumbai.......


Ayesha's POV

Next Morning

I woke up early today and if you guys think that I am an early one then let me tell you that you are highly mistaken. I woke up early because of the pain!!

Everyone has been taking a very good care of me. Annie brushed my teeth ,Vani fed me my breakfast while mom helped me to wear my dress.

I told them that I could do all these stuff with my left hand but they said, " Shut up!! Enjoy this free hospitality."
They were adamant in bathing me but I refused. I threatened them that I am not going to take a shower today if anyone of them accompanies me in the bathroom. Come-on man, I am a big girl...

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