6: Project

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Noelle? Really? Wow, what's up with her nowadays. She suddenly became this supportive. Like I said last time, she's the second smartest in class. And I'm thankful that she's very kind unlike... Yeah you know.

"NUU– tEm wanna tich kriS anD susi. eGG neEd disTance." Temmie? Really?

"Kris? Susie? Um... Please pick who would you two be comfortable with..." Miss Alphys.

"Eh, let Noelle do it." I hear Susie from the distance.

"PPFFFT! Noelle? Teaching those degenerates? HAH. Like she would." Berdly huh?

"But I just rose my hand to teach them." Noelle talked back to the nerdy bird.

"Okay so Noelle, take care of them okay?"

"Okay teacher!" She said enthusiastically. I can see Temmie sighing then caressing a little egg.

RINNGG! the school bell noisily rang and Miss Alphys happily dismissed our class.


"Okay! Kris and Susie, please prepare a writing tool of your preferable choice and preferable paper and write down notes on what I'm about to tell you." She said and smiled with sincerity.

"Okay, the project's theme is about peculiar adventures. You are going to construct a story with the craziest adventures with the craziest creatures." Blah blah blah, the theme, okay, okay.

"You can get inspiration from your adventures inside the storage closet yesterday, like when you entered the closet, you met some mysterious unfortunate events like meeting up with some friendly people along the way and et cetera..." I don't know why but when she just said that, I have this sudden feeling of nostalgia where I was with Ralsei, Lancer and the other darkeners. I'm also wondering if anyone would believe me if I tell them about it. Well um, Susie is my only witness since I was with her the whole time.

"Do you understand?" She asked and we both nodded.

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