Calm The Fire: 130

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Thorin leant forwards and smirked. "Oh Princess, you do not beat around the subject, do you?"

"Shh." Came the whispered albeit awkward response.

"Well I'm merely saying the truth." Thorin smirked. Perhaps he was getting a little too much enjoyment out of teasing her. But regardless he stiffly did as he was asked.

Sitting down on a seat in front of him she shook her head sadly. There was very little skin. Just all bandages. Around his shoulders, his arms, his chest to his waist. He was covered in bandages.

Reaching out she placed a hand over his chest and shook her head sadly again. Though she could now feel a steady firm heartbeat that didn't mean that she could bury her worry for what was underneath the bandages.

"You can just go get someone else. You yourself don't need to do this." Thorin's voice pulled her from her thoughts. She looked up at him and frowned lightly.

Carefully reaching out she took to removing the bandages around his arm. Oddly enough whoever did this seemed to go a little overboard. There were cuts and scratches. But they were relatively minor. Most had healed. What bruising there was was now practically faded. A few patches of purple and dark blue remained. But he definitely didn't need bandaging back up. His other arm was in much the same condition. Leaning back she gave a hum.

"You're a fast healer, it seems..." Náriel said while turning to the table. Placing soft gauze in the bowl of water she had she carefully reached out and cleaned the few wounds which remained.

"Why is it," Thorin said while looking at the ceiling and then her. "That you always become a personal Healer?"

Náriel smiled. "Maybe because I know how you'd react to the actual Healers?" She laughed. She could almost imagine the unwavering looks Thorin would send their way while they were trying to do their work. They'd surely become uncomfortable under the gaze of the Dwarf King and slip up somehow. This if anything would prompt Thorin to comment plainly.

"Sit forwards," she nodded and cut away at the bandages around his torso. She winced at the sight of many puncture marks. The arrows, she frowned at the memory. There seemed so many. But not as many as there seemingly had been.

Gently putting a finger over his collarbone and a healed wound she winced. "How did you survive this?" She questioned honestly. "How?" She whispered while looking at the other puncture marks and cuts which adorned him. Frowning suddenly she trailed her fingers gently over his ribs. "These are from that Warg." She said with a shake of her head. It seemed like so long ago, longer than it was. When they were chased from Goblin Town and Azog had chased them. When Thorin had gone to attack him and had found himself in the jaws of a Warg. The injury had healed but the teeth marks remained.

There were other marks which had long since healed which caused her to tilt her head to the side. "How did you get these?" She asked truly baffled over some such healed marks.

"Azanulbizar." Thorin replied while subconsciously giving a shudder. Náriel looked up thinking her fingers had accidentally skimmed over a wound. Though in truth it was the opposite. Her feathery touch was rather affecting, despite him trying to ignore the soft touches he couldn't.

Náriel didn't know what to reply so she took to cleaning the injuries which were on his chest and stomach. He looked at the green paste which she carefully placed on her fingers. He presumed it was the same thing she'd used ages ago after Azog's attack after Goblin Town. Even still he couldn't help but be sceptical.

He looked up at her as she stood. Brushing her hair over her shoulder she smiled. "Turn," he frowned yet did so. Swinging his legs over the side of the chair he looked over his shoulder when he felt her gently move his hair out of the way of any dressings which remained.

He just looked to the wall opposite. Yet he looked back over his shoulder when he felt her rest her forehead against it. "Are you all right?" He questioned which caused her to laugh lowly and shake her head.

"I am confused how someone can have so much inflicted on them and yet live." She peeked over his shoulder and smiled. "I think at long last I am putting my trust in the resilience of Dwarves." She said while resting her chin gently on his shoulder and carefully wrapping her arms around his middle, making sure to avoid any healing wounds.

"After so many years," Thorin commented with a smirk while receiving a playful nudge. Laughing quietly he looked over his shoulder.

"After so many years is better than never at all, right?" Náriel asked while quickly kissing him on the cheek before withdrawing and dealing with the wounds which were on his back. She winced slightly at the sight of a puncture mark which was on his shoulder blade. Bigger than an arrow she guessed it was a spear. He had an arrow mark on his other shoulder which she recalled him getting all to well.

"Do you think Erebor will be habitable when we return?" Náriel thought she'd strike up a conversation. Not that she was disliking the silence. It was comfortable and content.

Thorin watched as she leant past him to clutch onto some clean bandages. He had to think over her question. By now there was quite a big number of Dwarves busying around the Lonely Mountain. Each were in little groups working on certain sections. These were just a small number from the large mass which Dain had bought with him. Though Dain was no doubt still in the Mountain helping out.

When he didn't reply Náriel just continued to bandage up the wounds which needed them. Moving around him she stood cross armed. He looked up at her when she just waved his shirt back at him.

Standing up he took it from her hands and slowly pulled it on. Thorin raised an eyebrow and slowly smirked. "Do you like what you see, Princess?" He asked when he couldn't help but catch the looks she was sending his way.

Náriel held out a hand and waved it uncertainly. " so." She answered and laughed at the bemused expression which she was countered with. Náriel only seemed to laugh more when he shook his head after her words had sunk in.

Reaching out she wrapped her arms around him. Only where he hadn't got round to buttoning the shirt back up her hands went underneath the material and gently rested against his back. "If I answer honestly am I likely to boost your ego?"

"I don't have an ego." He replied bluntly while putting his arms around her.

Náriel rolled her eyes and leant her head against his shoulder. Lifting her head up she looked to the wall from over his shoulder. "Always have done." She whispered in his ear while smiling when he gently nudged his head against hers and ended up resting in the crook of her neck.

Having a sudden knock on the door the two slowly pulled away from each other and turned to look. Greta's curious face peeked in. "May I come in? There are others who need to use this space." She asked worriedly. The two exchanged a look and smiled at the woman. She seemed so timid. Yet so straight forward at the same time. Buttoning up his shirt Thorin linked his arm around Náriel's waist and led her out. Both smiled at Greta as they passed.


(A/N: I really wanted to finish on 130.........but I realized I still have stuff to do. The banquet included. I also need to write Bilbo's departure...and loads of random good byes. No way was I going to manage to do that all. Ugh. Ugh! Ok, I may seem like I’m whining, I don't mean to just...I thought the end was near (not that I am in a hurry here, I'll be sad when this finishes), but more stuff crops up. Oh well! Enjoy! Cos this is seemingly going on for longer than I originally thought! xD (Knowing my luck it'll round up to 140.........would that be a bad thing? xD) Anyhow! Thanks for reading, friends!)

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