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To my readers:

Bulletproof has become a paid story as of April 23rd 2020. It's an exciting and huge opportunity for this book!

I began writing this in 2014 and it has gone through a lot and come a long way. I have always been hesitant to accept monetization offers because I don't want to put you guys at a disadvantage, yet I want to be able to make a career from writing. I would never put a first, unedited draft up for pay which is why the chapters of this book have been swapped out for the edited version. That version was the one which was made into an audiobook by Hachette and so has been professionally edited.

For those that use their coins on this book, thank you so much. You are literally making my dream career come true. 

For those of you who have supported and read this book for so long, thank you so much. You've been helping make my dreams come true for years.

For those that cannot afford it, I completely understand. Monetary support will never be placed above all the other support I get, it is simply another facet.

If you want to read the book but can't afford it, check if your country lets you earn coins. Click on the coin icon on the top left corner of your profile in the app. If an option there says 'earn coins', you can watch ads to get up to 3 coins a day, which is a chapter a day for free. Remember once you unlock the book, you can re-read as many times as you wish.

For those that don't have those options, the sequel to this story Fractured, is free and being updated on my profile and is being written so it can be a standalone. So if you wish to read (or reread) these characters, and can't do so here, head there.

Thank you so much, I really hope you like this story.

- Ellie x

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