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lets get this over with

//remember the screenshotception sksksks//

01 : nickname
bean, ded boi, weeaboo

02 : eye color
dark brown

03 : hair color
dark brown

04 : one fact abt me
my pts have been lessened to five so i cAn sEe tHe LighT
and my japanese is now somewhere between lower intermediate and higher beginner after a year of teaching myself in my spare time

05 : favorite color
pine green, navy blue, apple green, beige, coral pink, maroon

06 : favorite place
bed and couch

07 : favorite celebrity
monsieur yoongles

08 : favorite animal

09 : favorite song
atm it's bts - trivia 轉 : seesaw

10 : favorite book
six of crows

i would tag ppl but im really sleepy rn so gnight you can do the tag if you want ish

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