His utter bewilderment at his first ever infatuation.

His first love.

But when Taehyung came in one day at their regular diner, with Hoseok pressed closely to his side, with his eyes sparkling in accomplishment and love, Jeongguk was pleasantly surprised.

Until he looked into Yoongi's face and took in the utter devastation that flashed in his eyes, before he slipped on a tight veil of sober happiness, as he congratulated the love of his life for finding someone else to love.


It was only the day after, when Jeongguk remembered.

He was admiring the way the sunlight danced on his lover's beautiful face. He traced his high cheek bones, lit up by the yellow rays of the sun. He touched his lips, slowly parting in huffs of breath as he woke up and gained his senses. Jeongguk admired the contours drawn by the shadows, how they contrasted so beautifully with the softly illuminated shades of yellow.

And he gasped in realisation.

"Hyung." Jin groaned in affirmation.

"Jin hyung! He has a shadow! Tae's element is a shadow!"

This seemed to wake Seokjin up immediately. He slowly climbed over Jeongguk, resting his hands on his chest. "What do you mean, Gukkie?"

Jeongguk gulps in apprehension and lust, as Seokjin stretches above him.

"Taehyung has blue ripples that spark whenever he's frustrated. I've seen it happen whenever he gets ignored by Hoseok. They're fucking crystal blue ripples. That's what makes Yoongi even more frustrated about him. The fact that he's a perfect match for Hobi. What the hell do you mean, he has a shadow?"

"The ripples. Have you noticed how they dissolve into the daylight, or remain floating if its dark? That's his shadow. And it's cursed. It's a strong curse too, three generations. But it's fine, hyung. There's nothing to worry about. Tae has perfect control over it. And I'm sure he's told Hoseok about it, so it's definitely consensual." Jeongguk paused in a gasp as Jin lowered himself slowly. The warmth surrounding him was painfully exquisite. "Hyung," he mewled. "You should tell Yoongi hyung. He deserves to know. I don't think he'd be okay with this whole arrangement if he knew the truth."

Jeongguk lost himself in pleasure, even as he took in Seokjin's troubled expression and conflicted eyes.


"You have a shadow, Taehyung?"

Jeongguk had seen this coming since the very beginning. He turned around to see Seokjin wearing an expression of utter panic. And then he looked at Hoseok. He was biting his lip in confusion.

Taehyung shrugged, almost casually. "Yeah, Yoongi hyung. I thought I told you guys. It's a blue shadow of the cursed Kim dynasty. Hobi hyung was quite surprised when he was first burnt by a spark." Taehyung chuckled as he patted Hoseok's head, before his eyes glazed over. "Now, he just enjoys it. Almost a bit too much." Hoseok blushes at this and turns towards Yoongi in embarrassment.

Hoseok's face pales. "Hyung? What's wrong?"

Yoongi is clenching his teeth in anger. "What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong! He fucking hurt you. I've been holding back all my life so as not to even prick you with my shadow. And he just waltzes right in and fucking knocks you down. His shadow fucking poisoned you! Everything I've done all these years. Every feeling I've held back! The fuck was the point!"

Taehyung huffed in annoyance. "Don't bullshit me, hyung. I just went for what I wanted. Hobi knew about my shadow. Besides, this relationship is just between us two. You have no say in this. Mind your own business."

That seemed to break something in Yoongi. "The fuck did you say, you bastard!"

He lunged at Taehyung. Jeongguk gasps as he watches Seokjin hold Yoongi back. Hoseok stands protectively in front of Taehyung. "Hyung, please. He told me. It doesn't matter to me. Is that what you thought? Do you think so little of me? That I would stay away from someone, just because his element doesn't match mine?" Hoseok sounds like he's in anguish.

Taehyung wraps his arms around Hoseok from behind. "It's okay, baby. He doesn't understand love. How elements don't come between people."

Yoongi pushes out of Seokjin's arms. "You asshole! I know more about love than you ever will. I've been killing myself everyday so that the one I love would find someone better than me and be happy. I didn't go through all that bullshit just to hand him over to someone with a fucking cursed shadow!"

Taehyung smirked. "Your loss." He comes in front of Hoseok and looks down at him, and continues to taunt Yoongi even as his shadow slowly sparks around Hoseok. "Hyung likes how my shadow makes him feel. How it breaks him apart."

Yoongi curses loudly, his shadow manifesting in a dark border around his furious form. He lunges again at Taehyung, this time with the full intent of knocking him down. "You insolent brat- "

Hoseok suddenly pushes Taehyung aside, and hugs him to shield him. Yoongi starts in surprise, but he has too much momentum to stop now. His blow falls upon the soft pillowy lips of an unfortunate Seokjin.

Hoseok gasps as he makes his way towards Seokjin. Jeongguk runs towards him.

Yoongi stands and looks down in regret and pain. "Hyung, why?"

Jin spits blood and winces, "Because I love Hobi almost as much as you, punk."

Hoseok's full on crying now, as Yoongi punches the wall, the paint peeling off.

Jeongguk holds Seokjin's face and he looks into his dark brown eyes to see the reflection of a heart-broken Hoseok watching Yoongi's wide back walking away and leaving him behind for the very first time.

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