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Of Jeongguk

"You should have told him when you had the chance."

Jeongguk sighs as he wipes the blood off the corner of his split lip. He smiles sadly as he winces at the contact.

"You and I both knew this was going to happen." Jeongguk holds his face soothingly. "But you could've saved us all this trouble. You know it."

He sighs. "If I told him, we'd be at a stale mate all over again. Nothing would move forward. Hobi wouldn't be moving forward either."

Jeongguk frowns. He continues to dress up his split lip, which curves upward in a gratuitous smile.


The first time he saw Hoseok, he understood why Yoongi never got into serious relationships. The way his dead coffee fuelled eyes lit up with all the love in the universe, the way his frown was pulled upside down by his gums, the way his whole being screamed adoration. It wasn't hard to miss.

Jeongguk showed the same symptoms for Seokjin.

Hoseok. Oh Hoseok. He was a different story altogether. Even a blind man could see how his light almost begged for Yoongi. How he lit up even brighter at his presence. The looks he gave Yoongi, full of longing and admiration. But Hoseok. Oh Hoseok. He was so beautiful, both inside and out. He turned heads everywhere, his light and his personality like honey luring in people. And Yoongi, just watching on the side-lines, hoping he ends up happy.

With someone else.

That's what Jeongguk finally asks Seokjin, when he can bear the mutual pining no more. "Why aren't they together?"

And Seokjin turns around in his arms to face him. He gently runs his fingers along his arms that secure him by the waist. "Because Yoongi's an idiot."

This causes Jeongguk to chuckle. Seokjin uses the opportunity to snuggle closer and nestle in his shoulder. Jeongguk's fire sizzles in his chest, as he takes in his lover's earthy scent.

"Yoongi thinks his shadow will hurt Hoseok. And Hoseok thinks Yoongi doesn't see him that way. What a bunch of idiots!"

Jeongguk huffs in affirmation as he mouths along Seokjin's ears.

"Yoongi doesn't think Hoseok is safe with his shadow. He doesn't want to hurt him, he says." Jin chuckles mirthlessly. "That dumbass doesn't even realise that his shadow would rather combust than harm a hair on Hoseok's body."


Taehyung was never the kind to commit.

Jeongguk knows best. That's what made it so easy to get off together. It never made things complicated. They both knew what they wanted.

But then Jeongguk found Seokjin and he was all he ever wanted. And Taehyung, being the annoying self-proclaimed best friend that he was, just had to barge into his studio and meet him. And Yoongi.

And Hoseok.

Jeongguk watched in awe, and maybe even shock, as Taehyung dived into his first love. Hook, line, and sinker. His face had morphed so rapidly into an expression of wonder and sheer panic. And then it fell into heart break, when he saw how Hoseok and Yoongi looked at each other. But it quickly recovered when he understood that there was nothing going on between them; and ever the sly fox, he started pursuing his prey with vigour and enthusiasm.

Jeongguk used to watch amusedly from the side lines at Taehyung's failed attempts at flirting, his terrible pick up jokes, his cringe-worthy invasion of Hoseok's personal space.

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