Chapter 26

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Blake POV

I sat on this chair waiting for arrival in my homeland, Menagerie. I've been thinking myself of what my parents see me since last time I see them when I was still a member of the White fang. I see 2 faunus marines along with us, she could bring a a few of them but it would bring panic to the faunus and bring more grimms. Good thing, she bring only me and two faunus marines. As I thinking about my parents, Miranda tapped on my shoulder and said.

Miranda:" You okay?"

I look at her with her curious face and I said.

Blake:" Yeah, yeah. I'm fine."

Miranda:" Blake, tell me why are you feel nervous?"

She said. She seems she wants to know anything so I take a sigh and said.

Blake:" It's... My parents."

Miranda:" Your parents? Why would you feel nervous about your parents?"

Blake:" It's just..."

I lowered my head and my cat ears when I said to her.

Blake:" When I'm still a part of White fang, my father stepped down as high leader and Sienna took over the control. Then, my parents wanted me to quit the White fang but I refused and calling them a cowards. After that, they feel heartbroken and left the White fang."

I feel sad that calling my parents a cowards is the most regretted action of my life. Then, I said.

Blake:" My parents are probably mad at me when I see them."

I said. I was going to cry a bit when suddenly, someone place a hand on my shoulder and I look to see Miranda and she said.

Miranda:" Blake, you don't feel ashamed yourself. You just did because you can't take a discrimination from the humans. Well, your humans, not ours. Look, the point is, they won't angry at you and they will understand of why you did it. Trust me, they won't feel angry to you."

She said as I amazed her words. I gave a smiled as she smiled too. I kinda feel cheered me up. She gave me her words that brings me feel better. Then, we hear a pilot calling us and said.

Pilot:" Captain, we're almost arrive in Menagerie. We'll land there shortly."

Miranda:" Okay, thanks. * Look at me* We'll talk later, Blake. For now, let's meet your father. Got it."

She said. I stand up and said to her.

Blake:" Got it."

Miranda:" Alright then, let's go."

She said as we ready to go outside. I can feel the ship is landed on my homeland and the hatch door is open to see a big house in front of us. Then I realized, it's my parent house that we landed on.

We went out the ship as it went back to Reach city

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We went out the ship as it went back to Reach city. As we going in, we went to the door and I was hesitate to knock it. Then, Miranda said.

Miranda:" Well? You want to see them, right?"

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