(24) Shadow-Walker

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     Lethom laughed, enjoying my surprised expression.

 “Surprise, surprise,” he taunted. “It’s your old friend. So give up, Master Aredor was given the orders to kill you. So, he will. So give it up, and surrender. He is on his way to take your head soon enough. And the goblins here will be arrested by order of the Emperor and enslaved for the command of killing the ogres and trolls sides with the Empire.”

  I froze. Aredor was coming. Velgar’s son. We had fought in Therindur and he had beaten me and humiliated me. He was so strong I had no choice but to call upon the demon sealed inside me, Azurhod to fend him off. And even then, Azurhod wasn’t a match for Aredor. In the end, Aredor had showed me, despite being Velgar’s son and apprentice he wasn’t his slave, and let me go. Warning me the next time we crossed swords would be my last. And now he was coming to Murnon, Lethom and his soldiers had this place surrounded.

  Lethom smiled at my expression, then turned his eyes to Flames - still soaring in the air- and gasped.

 “Is that a phoenix? My, my what a magnificent creature! A truly splendid gift for His Majesty,” Lethom laughed harshly, and attempted to catch Flames, but Aeron pointed his sword at Lethom’s chest.

  “One step closer and your dead. I don’t care where who you are. Your going to die, if you ever touch or lay a hand on Flames,” Aeron growled dangerously,and Lethom stopped. He turned his head and smirked at Aeron.

 “What chance does a roaming mercenary stand against a Shadow-Walker,” Lethom laughed.

  I grunted, “A Shadow-Walker? You Lethom?”

  Almar shouted, and  gripped his twin-bladed sword harder,, “Pentus. Remember what you told me? That you defeat Lethom? I think he was toying with you. Making himself seem weaker to you, so you’d lower your guard. I know Shadow-Walkers. The ancient spellcasters and master swordsmen of the past. The darkness that consumed the lands in ancient times, in human form. Their magic is nothing but evil, their magic is Dark Magic, or the Dark Arts. It’s pure evil magic, how regular magic wastes the energy and makes the body tired, the Dark Magic feeds off the soul. It’s magic that won’t tire the wielder, but if used too much can destroy them.”

 Aria frowned, “And your telling me that this, Lethom guy is one of those? That’s creepy.”

  I nodded, then steadied my grip on Felgar. I stared at Lethom, “I won’t care if he lost on purpose. I’ve grown much stronger since we last met. The result will still be the same!”

  Lethom laughed, then his face turned grim, “Soldiers get rid of these scums, now!”

  The door pounded open, and my mouth hung open. Did he say soldiers? He probably meant ten feet cyclops armed with heavy axes, thick armor, muscular bodies making them look like cousins of the Hulk minus the green skin given steroids with a murderous eyes that were charging straight at me with the intent of killing me, then duplicate those soldiers plus ten. Yeah that’s probably what he meant.

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