Chapter Thirty

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                Joshua got ready in an outfit Blu wouldn't hate him for and to be honest even though he was a grease monkey through and through he enjoyed dressing up and getting pretty sometimes. He even trimmed his beard in that scruffy look that always felt familiar to him. Like that was how he was supposed to look as opposed to being clean shaven where his jaw line looked way too sharp and his cheekbones way too high.

He spritzed on some cologne and grabbed his wallet and keys to his trailer which he shared with Blu's bodyguard.

Joshua felt a sense of serendipity as he stepped up to the entrance into the VVIP lounge and pulled his special pass from his pocket and placed it around his neck. He was permitted to pass and he took a seat in one of the sofas provided.

Joshua watched as Blu hyped up the crowd. He crooned some of his biggest hits mesmerizing the fans that came out and the noise of it all gave Joshua a headache.

Ever since he woke up with no memories in his brain he got headaches anytime he was around noise to that level. He couldn't go into a club for that reason and as much as it sucked he had a feeling that it was a good thing that he had to stay away from most places that retailed alcohol.

Halfway through the show Joshua felt as if his head would explode all over the lounge when Blu introduced some kid named Egypt and lo and behold it was the same boy he fixed the car for just before he came to the concert.

Joshua watched as Egypt fidgeted and Joshua couldn't help running through the memories he could proudly recall from the evening before. Poor kid. He seemed pretty distraught for a while and Joshua didn't know why but man, the vibe that rolled off the guy felt familiar.

Joshua watched on with a slight smile as Egypt took a stool and propped his guitar on his knees and strummed a few cords that made the crowd go wild. Joshua couldn't help but feel as if he knew deep in his heart that right there on that stage was where Egypt belonged.

Blu said something in Egypt's ear and he watched as Egypt froze for just a second before he glanced up at the lounge where Joshua sat and his eyes scanned the little crowd. Joshua didn't know who he was looking for but man he wished the kid's eyes would have found him.

When Egypt took a breath and looked down at his guitar before he started strumming a slow melody.

"Hey guys." Egypt smiled widely and the crowd hooted and hollered for him. "I'm just gonna play you one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a song that is very dear to my heart." He smiled sadly. His eyes scanned the crowd.

"It's a song that reminds of a very special person to me and it got me through some hard times in my life." Joshua's breath hitched when Egypt wiped the corner of his eye.

When Egypt opened his mouth and sang the first few words Joshua's headache disappeared as if there never was a giant pounding in his head and Joshua was not ready for the feeling that burst in his chest.

Joshua was mesmerized as he made his way straight to the front of the lounge and leaned over the railing to look down at Egypt as the boy crooned the words in his heart.

The crowd went wild when they recognized the song and they hollered madly for a few moments before they died down as Egypt's voice washed over them. Silence resonated around the makeshift stadium as Egypt's voice came through in high definition over the speakers and as Joshua looked around he could see how enthralled the hundreds of people that were present were by him.

Egypt captivated every soul present including Joshua. Especially Joshua and it felt as if Egypt was singing directly for him. To him.

Joshua didn't know what was happening as his palms got clammy, his heart rate spiked to dangerous levels, his blood rushed around as if it was being passed through a blender and he felt the same panic he did five years ago when he woke up in a hospital room and the only thing he could remember were stars in the night sky.

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