Chapter One

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(Alarm Beeps)

The worst sound in the world, started my day: The sound of an alarm clock.

I rolled to my left lazily to turn off the incessant beeps, but I accidentally pushed the alarm clock down till I heard it crash heavily on the cool tiled floor.

I shrieked!

I turned to my right and noticed Edward roll uncomfortably on his own side of the bed. I waited for a moment to see if perhaps it would wake him up, but no, Edward was forever a deep sleeper. I gasped, I didn't want to wake him up at least not then.

I got up from the King-sized bed I had picked out for Edward to purchase. It wore my favorite bed cover; The rose patterned one. I had Edward buy that one too and he did anyways, he'd do whatever I wanted him to. I felt cramped for some reason, stuffy and tight. The bed comfortably contained us both, but somehow, I still felt claustrophobic.

I slid my feet into my black flip flops with an exasperated yawn, and stretched my arms so wide apart. It was at this time of the day, that the Sun shattered the night sky and pricked it's golden ray out for the whole world to be left astonished. I was so tired. So weak. I stayed up awake most of the night, studying for my big exam I was to have the next day. I was going to be a certified journalist should I pass.

I yawned again, tapping my mouth repeatedly as it stank of morning breath. I walked into our bathroom taking lazy steps. I was still very sleepy and drowsy. My head pounded so hard, that I rubbed my temple to soften the pain.

When I entered into the bathroom, I was greeted my the mirror. It revealed my truly tattered self; My disheveled hair, a dried leftover from last night's drooling, running parallel, on both sides of my cheek. My eyes still drooped with sleep.

Is this how I truly am every morning?

I took out my toothbrush and carefully squeezed out the strawberry minted toothpaste. It looked so nice when I saw it begging for attention, so I got it from the local supermarket.

I think I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm going to have to live with a single man, for the rest of my life!

No dating, No hookup and breakups, just commitment.

My mum advised, that I get used to being conservative. I shouldn't always get what I wanted, only what I needed. It felt hard though, seeing that all good things are important in a way.

I was done brushing my teeth, running the bristles of the toothbrush in an up and down, side and side pattern. I gurgled a mouth full of water and poured it all out.
I thought about running the tap of the bath tub. Perhaps I'd sleep in it, seeing that I was still sleep driven, my eyes began clearing up. It was just 6:14 am and my exams began 10:30, so I waved the idea of taking a bath then.

I left the bathroom and stole a look. Edward was still asleep. I looked at the left over from my yesterday's study. Piles of paper were scattered literally everywhere on my desk. I moved closer to try putting everything in order and probably study a bit.

To be honest, I was a bit tensed. I was writing my finals! hours later, I'd be done with college. My years in college were overdue, as reading still appeared a bit difficult, but I didn't give up my dream on becoming a journalist, so I studied anyways.

I wanted to write something... anything actually. I had always wanted this; The whole writing stuff. I think I discovered that when I had my diary. I thought about my diary. The same one I thought would stay with me till I grew toothless and wanted to reminisce my life as a teenager. I was wrong. Naive actually, so I burned it....

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