#2.The Player And The Goofball.

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             Chapter 2: The Player And The Goofball.

•°•°Dana P.O.V•°•°                               
Mya parked the car in the last open parking spot in front of the school.

We both open the car doors and got out.

"See you later sis," I said, closing the car door.

"Yeah, see you later" I heard Mya say as I  started walking up to the school front doors.

As I push the school doors of Royalty High open I took a deep breath as I started to walk to my locker.

This year will be my year.

       •°•°Mya P.O.V•°•°

I closed my car door and sighed out loud while leading onto my car door.

I really don't like Tiffany hoe ass, but she was my first love but she broke my heart and trust.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a familiar voice yell my name.

"Aye yo best friend!!" I heard Cj yelled from the distance.

I smiled to myself, "Best friend!!" I yelled running up to Cj and jumping into his arms. "It's been forever since I saw yo bean head ass," Cj said spinning us around.

"Haha, bruh we saw each other Saturday remember dumb dumb," I said holding onto him so I don't fall "that was 2 days ago & that's too long away from my computer shape best friend, "Cj said while stopping us from spinning around.

"You ass," I said, biting his shoulder which made him drop me "fuck if you wanted the dick that bad all you had to do was ask Mya," Cj said smiling at me. 

"naw boo I prefer big dick, not a teeny tiny dick that's smaller than my baby toe," I said while rolling my neck.

"Rude as always I see," Benny said to me smiling "always, wassup Benny," I said giving him a bro hug.

"You know you ain't have to hurt my feelings like that" Cj said as we all started to walk up to the school front doors.

"Aww you poor thing too bad but your message has been delivered but left unread," I said laughing which made Cj laugh while Benny was shaking his head, walking in front of us.

As we push the doors of Royalty High open and started walking down the hallway to get to our first-period class, people start to gossip to each other about things they heard about us from over the summer.

As we continue to walk down the hallway people quickly moved out of our way knowing if they don't they'll come up missing.

"Fuck ya to bruh" Cj laugh while lightly pushing me to the side. "Not my fault she left your ass on read" I smiled looking to my left to see my sister Dana and her best friend Kaymee.

I smiled and waved at them, Dana Waved back at me while Kaymee blush and shyly waved back at me.

I know she has a crush on me but she's 15 and a bitch don't need the FBI breaking down the door plus I don't do relationships everybody and they mom's know that.

I saw Jay hug Dana from behind surprising Dana which made her smile once she realized it was Jay he smiled back at her then they kiss.

I smile to myself, I'm happy that my sister found true love and happiness...I hope he never hurts her because if he does he'll be 6 feet under in a heartbeat.

"Whatever bean head ass looking like a leftover piece of gum," Cj said back to me with a goofy smile.

"Here we go again," Benny said to himself knowing me & Cj was about to get into a roasting war.

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