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Aurora Black and Charlie Weasley apparated at the Burrow just after lunch time when Mr Weasley, Ron, Fred and George were off to collect Harry from Privet Drive. Mrs Weasley greeted the pair with tight hugs as she sat them down at the kitchen table, bringing them all types of food just in case they were hungry. Charlie happily munched away whilst Aurora didn't even want to touch any as she was still feeling quite green after the apparation seeing as she was definitely not used to travelling that way. 

Before she knew it a loud Bang came from the fireplace and Mrs Weasley quickly ran over inspecting the two twins that just walked out of it. Aurora noticed how their ginger hair was much longer now; almost reaching their shoulders. She took note of the fact that they somehow grew taller over the summer and now Mrs Weasley was almost half their size.

"Charlie! Aurora!" George screamed as he ran towards the two pulling both of them into bone crushing hugs as well as planting kisses all over Charlie's face.

"Eurgh," Charlie wiped his face as he pushed the twin away, "Get the hell off me you freak."

Aurora laughed at the insulted look on George's face as he started at his older brother, pretending to be offended. "You've hurt me real bad, brother," George said as he wiped a fake tear. 

Charlie rolled his eyes at George before he pulled Fred into a hug. Aurora smiled at Fred who's head was peeking over Charlie's broad shoulders and he returned the smile, his eyes lighting up before he let go of his older brother and walked over to the black haired girl, pulling her into his chest tightly, "You've gotten smaller," he whispered in her hair.

Aurora laughed as she pushed him away slightly, "You've gotten taller, actually."

Fred let out a light laugh at the girl before they pulled away. He took in her appearance; she seemed to have grown a few inches taller over the summer, her black hair was tied up in a high ponytail that brushed against the back of her neck and it was a slightly lighter shade. Her eyes still sparkled and a wide smile was painted on her lips underneath a light red coloured lipstick. Her eyes even had a tiny bit of eyeliner placed upon their lid making her look slightly more mature.

"You alright there, Freddie?" She smirked at him causing him to break out of his daydream whilst Charlie and George laughed at his flustered face.

"E-erm, yeah," he nervously chuckled. Luckily for him another loud Bang came from the fireplace causing everyone's head to turn in it's direction. Harry and Ron appeared, dusting off their clothes. 

"Aurora!" Harry exclaimed, his smile widened as he rushed over to the older girl bring her into a hug.

Aurora smiled as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Once they pulled away she noticed how he had grown a few centimetres taller but she managed to outgrown him by half an inch causing the girl to smirk and ruffle his already messy hair, "You alright, little one?" she asked jokingly.

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