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Ten had been working for just over an hour, when he wondered if Johnny was coming to pick up the notebook or not. He had done the notes extra carefully after knowing that someone other than himself was going to be using them. He always had 2 hours before his work shift started, due to his lecture ending at 10am.

"Why do you look so nervous?"

Ten glanced beside him at Sicheng, his favourite coworker. He studied teaching at preschool level, which suited him because Sicheng was amazing with children.

"I'm not nervous — I'm expecting someone," Ten replied.

"Expecting someone?" Sicheng frowned. "But you don't have friends except Taeyong."

"Aren't you my friend?"

"Kind of. Maybe. I don't know," Sicheng shrugged.

"We are," Ten pouted. "Anyways, I'm waiting for Johnny. He wanted to borrow my notes, so I'm waiting for him."

"Ah, the infamous Pretty Handwriting," Sicheng smiled. "Your handwriting is prettier than Taeyeon, you know."

"Woah, that's really pretty."

"Exactly. Who's Johnny, exactly?"

"He's some guy in my lecture," Ten shrugged. "We've never spoken before, which is weird. Probably because I used to take the night lecture."

"If it's Seo Johnny, then I know him. I follow him on Instagram," Sicheng said.

"We should get back to work before Sooyoung noona kills us," Ten said, hitting Sicheng's shoulder gently. The other laughed and went to tend to some customers.

Johnny cursed himself for falling asleep as soon as he got home. It was almost 3pm, and he wasn't even sure if Ten was done with work or not. But he was sure 3-hour shifts didn't exist.

"Where are you going?" Jaehyun asked, looking away from the TV for a moment. It was one of those few moments when he was at home.

"Retrieving some notes from the lecture. I'll be back in 20 minutes — 30 if I find something I like at the café," Johnny replied as he pulled his shoes on. He stood up. "I won't be long."

He stepped out their apartment, tying his left shoelace outside the house. He pulled up the zip of his dark green bomber jacket, checked that his fly was up and walked down the corridor towards the elevator.

Ten wondered if Johnny was even coming at all, but was proven wrong when the tall black-haired boy walked into the café. Ten smiled as the giant waved at him sweetly.

"You came," Ten smiled, walking over to him.

"Yeah," Johnny nodded. "Do… do you speak Korean? Because it'll be a bit weird for us to be speaking English."

"I work at a Korean aesthetic café — of course I can speak Korean," Ten chuckled. "I'll get the notebook now—"

"No, wait. I wanna order something first," Johnny said. "You can get the notebook when you go back."

"Well, have a seat." Johnny sat down at a table and picked up a menu. "Uhm… how's the chocolate milkshakes?"

"I do those personally," Ten said. "Well, I add my own little kick before I bring them to the customer."

"Well, then I'll have one of those," Johnny smiled. Ten wrote down the order.

"I'll be right back," he smiled, walking into the kitchen.

Johnny smiled and took out his laptop, turning it on so that he could take the notes down. He occupied himself with his phone as he waited for Ten.

"Here's the notebook." Johnny looked up and saw Ten, holding out the pretty pink notebook out to him.

"Thanks," Johnny thanked. "I'll be waiting for that milkshake."

Ten walked away and Johnny opened the notebook. Ten's handwriting was the neatest he had ever seen. It was neatly organised with banners, brackets and various markers and fonts. Extra notes were written in blocks on the side of the page.


He turned to the most recent notes — Epic Poem and Epic Hero. It was written in a font Johnny thought was beautiful. Not a single thing was wrong — nothing was crossed out, and it was written in neat black ink. This particular handwriting differed from the rest if the book — it was written in uppercase.

Johnny pushed himself out his distraction and began copying the notes onto his laptop. Fifteen minutes passed and Ten soon returned.

"Here you go — one chocolate milkshake with a chocolate flake and mini marshmallows and Mars Bar sauce. Enjoy," Ten said.

"Woah! This thing is amazing!" Johnny gasped.

"I add all the marshmallows, the flake and the sauce," Ten said proudly. "I hope you like it. I only started this recently, so I'm still working on it. Tell me if there's too much marshmallows or something, okay?"

Johnny unwrapped the straw Ten had put down. The boy walked off. He put the pastel pink straw into the glass, and took out his phone. He stood up, finding the right lighting on his camera. He took a picture of the milkshake.

The picture looked perfect. "Wow. This is so cool."

Ten watched Johnny from a distance with a smile.

"Thank you so much for your notes, dude," Johnny smiled, giving the book back to Ten. It was 5 minutes before their lecture.

"It's not a problem," Ten nodded. "Did you copy everything?"

"Successfully," Johnny nodded. "I should fall asleep in class more often if I get to see your beautiful handwriting afterwards."

Ten laughed. "It's not a problem, Johnny."

"We should hang out some time. Maybe judge other café milkshakes and compare them to yours, because your milkshakes are amazing," Johnny said.

"Or maybe I can teach you to perfect your handwriting," Ten shrugged.

"One day, huh?" Johnny smiled. "Give me your number so we can talk."

"Actually," Ten began, "Taeyong is going out with his boyfriend on Friday, and I'm off. I was planning on baking with him, but then he made plans with his boyfriend. I already bought the ingredients — do you want to help me bake?"

"Bake — for fun?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah. I do it often, because doing mundane things relieves the body of stress. Once a week, I'll do something childish to put my mind at ease. This week, it's baking," Ten said. "So you wanna help me bake?"

Johnny nodded. "Sure."

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