@Pearls_Queen's Interview!

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We welcome you to the fourth interview of The Rahma Awards! Introducing...

Pearls_Queen interviewed by Narcissist__ 


@N : Hello / Salaam! Tell us about yourself; name, age, qualification, DOB, Sibling (& your number), height, single / committed, nationality... You know, like the introduction!

I'm Wasfia. 19 but soon to be 20 ♥️ and I'm doing graduation. My DOB is 8th January, 1999 and I have siblings, I am the second eldest. My height is 5.7" and I'm single not ready to mingle! :P 

Also, I'm an Indian! ♥️

@N : Who is Pearls_Queen ? describe yourself in some lines.

I am someone who is an introvert, talented and just like a coconut! :P I hope that describes me well! :)

@N : Your first ever book that you read on Wattpad and what are your thoughts on it?  

A Muslim's Romantic Journey ♥ this book is just love ♥️This book made me addicted to Wattpad and to spiritual and romance genre as well ♥️♥️ I really love that book so much! ♥️

@N : Who is your inspiration?

My readers are my inspiration. Their comments and votes makes me to write more and more. I am super blessed to have such beautiful readers. If it was not because of them then I don't think I would ever be able to reach till here. Love you all!

And I also get inspired by reading other people's stories as well.

@N : Favourite Writers. On Wattpad and Off Wattpad.

I never read books except Wattpad. Wattpad made me addicted to books so I never read books offline except my school books. Lol! So here is the list of my favourite writers on Wattpad; It's too long but I will mention few of them that are my most favourite writers.














@N : Pick anyone;

A) Morning / Night: Night

B) Tea / Coffee: Coffee

C) Movies / Novels: Novels

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