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Irene's POV
*Ring Ring Ring...
It is 8 am in the morning but Irene has not woken up yet. Her phone kept on ringing for past hour. She then gave in and opened her eyes to look at her phone even though she can barely open them. It was a 47 missed call for Solar. She decided to call her.

"Solar... why do I have 47 missed calls from you??" she asked with a raspy tone in her voice.
"Hey I wanted to know if you'd like to have brunch with me and my sister Wheein!" she said enthusiastically.
"Yea sure, same restaurant?"
"Yup, let's meet up around 11 am"
"okay see ya"
~~~end call~~~

She got up from bed and held her head as she felt a sudden headache and noticed a note on the table.

Hi there!
You haven't told me your name. Make sure you take care of yourself and try to stay out of trouble next time.


"I can't believe i totally forgot what happened last night! All I remember is Seulgi offered me a ride home.... But most importantly how did she knew where I lived?!?! I mean it's sweet that she left me a note... But how though."

Irene felt lazy to put on the effort in dressing herself up so she decided to go with a black shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She tied her hair up to a bun and put up her glasses. As she went down the stairs, she saw her manager Hwasa doing paperwork.

"Morning" said Hwasa
"Don't you ever get tired" Irene asked.
"No not really" she replied.
"I'll take you to brunch but in one condition" said Irene showing her cute pout.
"What is it?" she said as she rolled her eyes.

Irene threw her keys to Hwasa and then saying "you drive".

In the restaurant
Solar and Wheein were already seated. 20 minutes later Irene and Hwasa walked in the restaurant and waved at them.

"Solar, I hope you don't mind that I brought my manager with me" said Irene as she hugged Solar.
"No i don't me, it's nice meeting you and this is my sister Wheein by the way" said Solar as she was introducing her baby sister.
"Waaa daebak, wanna be friends" said Hwasa as hearts are coming from her eyes.
"Hahaha I like her Irene unnie" said Wheein.

The four of them had separate convos. Wheein and Hwasa were talking about Wheein newly adopted pet Ggomo. While Irene and Solar were talking about yesterday.

"Yaah what happened to your face" said Solar as she was pointing at Irene face.
"Oh this, a gangster slapped me when you left."
"Wtf!!! who...who... tell me who before someone is gonna start catching these hand" Solar said as she was air punching.
"What are you an owl, don't worry Seulgi had already taken care of them"
"Wait what"
"Yea the girl from yesterday"
"Ahhh amnesia girl"
"How'd she do that, peppered spray them?"
"No she actually fought them"
"Wow that's cool"
"What do you me "WoW tHaTs CoOl" said Irene as she was mocking solar.
"Why do you seem so uninterested?"
"Tell me about the blonde girl, she's pretty hot and I sense "big dick energy" from her" Solar said as she winked at Irene at the same time, which gave Irene shivers down her spin.

The two laughed after being told by Wheein that she got second hand embarrassment from her older sister.

"Solar unnie! Is it okay if Hwasa tags along, she's gonna give me advice on fashion" said Wheein as she was giving puppy eyes.
Solar agreed and looked at Irene asking her if she will be okay being alone. And she nodded yes.

Irene was left alone in the restaurant and paid for the check since Solar had forgotten. She walked out the restaurant and as went in her car she received a call for her father and she answered instantly.

"Joohyun-ah your not busy are you"
"Nope, I about to head home"
"Ahh okay would you mind if you drop off her in the agency, i'd like to talk to you!"
"okay i'll be there in 20"

20 minutes later in the agency
Irene walked in the building where she was escorted to her fathers office. She then noticed that the were at least 20 men in suits standing and guarding the floor they are in and 5 more men in front of the door to her fathers office.

"Appa what's with the men in suits?" Irene asked as she saw another man standing in front of her father wearing black suit.
"Mr. Wang this is my daughter Joohyun but she goes by Irene. I need you to make sure that she will be protected 24/7" said Mr. Bae.
"Hello Ms. Irene, my name is Jackson, no need to be formal, your father and I have been working together for a long time now.

Irene's eyes were locked at Jackson, she admires his visuals and how much of a gentleman her is. But she's was caught off guard when she heard her father saying she needs to be protected 24/7.

"Appa what do you mean about me being protected"
"Well you see, appa has been working hard all his life and now that we have became rich, there are many people that has been trying to but me down. So i need to make sure my love ones are safe. So i hired you your personal body guard." he said as he was smiling at Irene trying to not let her be scared.
"And besides your mother and I will be leaving for a couple months for the business so I need you to stay safe" he added.
"Don't worry Mr. Bae and Ms. Irene, I have a very special bodyguard for you. Your father had met this person a week ago. And I kid you not this she's the best of the best guard in the company. Let's just say she's ranked top 1 in all the training and she's better that all the other men in the company" said Jackson as he sees Irene a bit afraid after hearing her father will be leaving for a couple of months.
"What do you mean she" Irene asked.
"*please send her in" said Jackson.

Both the doors were opened by the two men in suits as the girl in an all black suit with black heels walked in. The tapping of her heels made Irene looked at her from toe to head. She was shocked to see who it was.

"S-S-Seulgi?" she whispered as she tilted her head.
"Ms. Irene this is Ms. Kang she's the best of the best" said Jackson.

To be continued.

Sorry for the bad grammar.

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