chapter twelve - quidditch practice

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The minutes and hours turned into days and in no time at all Lily found herself being awoken early on Saturday by Marlene.

"Practice today." Marlene explained, gesturing over at Laurelle's empty bed.

Lily felt incredibly tired; she'd been awake for a long time last night trying to finish an essay for Transfiguration, and simply the fact that she'd be flying soon made her get out of bed, grab some clothes from her trunk and then trudge to the bathroom.

She showered, washed and dryed her hair, got dressed, washed her face and brushed her teeth and then re-entered her dorm.

"Ready to go?" Laurelle asked. She held a pair of dragon gloves in her hand.

"It's always good to get an extra pair." She had explained once.

The three girls left their dorm and swept out of the portrait hole, walking fastly to get outside.

It was the 29th of November, and the weather had been changing to a slightly more magical kind of coldness, leaving the trees shimmering with tiny raindrops. It was still a bit chilly, but Lily knew James wouldn't let that let them down.
She was right.

"I'm glad to see that most of you before eight; thanks for that." The cold left his pale cheeks and nose a reddish colour and Lily couldn't help but think that he looked adorable.

"Today I'm just going to show you guys a few new moves I envisioned that I believed will make us harder to defeat. But first, let's change into the uniform." He began walking to the changing rooms, Sirius Black falling into step beside him.

In the changing rooms, the old players hurried over to their lockers. James beckoned for Lily and Noah Morgan to follow him and he led them over to their new ones.

"You can put your clothes and equipment and stuff in your locker. Just use an opening spell to open it and the opposite to close it." He then smiled at them both and hurried over to his locker.

Lily opened hers, like James had said, with alohomora. Inside was her Quidditch uniform. She took it out, layed it on the bench beside her, took off her jumper, deposited it intp her new locker and then threw her Quidditch clothes on over her normal ones. Then she walked over to where Laurelle and Marlene were on a long bench and sat down, in between Marlene and William Filler. Noah joined them a minute later.

James finished up. "We have about an hour and a half to practice, so let's start now." He walked off with Sirius and everyone else stood up to follow.

They collected their brooms from the broomshed and then made their way outside.

"How're you liking it so far?" James asked, falling into step next to Lily.

Lily thought about it. "It's great, actually." She said finally. "I just didn't know we need almost two hours to practice."

James grinned down at her and she felt her stomach flutter nervously. "You'll see why." He said. Then he jogged away.

For a minute, Lily stood frozen, watching him. She didn't know what was going on with her lately, why she felt so nervous and light-headed around him all of a sudden. But rather surprisingly, she liked the feeling.

Smiling a bit, she jogged forward to join him over by the boxes.

Once everyone was gathered around it, James looked at his watch. It was a cold day, and Lily felt sorry for herself as the rain quickly soaked her hair and body. She was wondering how James was going to play in the rain with his glasses when he tapped them with his wand and muttered "Impervius," She stared at him in amazement.

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