Tweek's recoil move! Magnet!

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"Woahhhh, chill out Craigster. I'll wait till you're done," Kenny chuckled and left.

.... The Next Day ....

Tweek went to school late, having woken up late after a night of binge watching some stupid rom coms on Netflix. He sighed and opened his locker, seeing people leave their classes from 3rd period already. "Oh f-fuck.." He mumbled.

In one of the classrooms, a girl named Bebe walked out, blond hair, big chest, red dress, and the center of attention. Or.. that's what Tweek thought. Until he opened up his locker. Love letters flood out with no restraint or hesitation, causing him to shriek.

"Oh my my my, Tweek!" Bebe chuckled. "Someone's popular, huh?"


"Bullshit! Look at all that?" Bebe knelt down to pick up a letter. "Dear Tweek, you're the light of my life. A sexy beast, a beautiful angel... I love you. -Anonymous."

Tweek groaned. "a-AHH!!! PUT THAT D-dOWN!"

"No way! This is so juicy!"


"Even I haven't gotten this many! What's the secret?"

"i-i- i- aCk- I DO-dON'T KNOW!!!"

Bebe pat Tweek's back and bundled up the letters into her purse. "Let's sit together at lunch, hon. I wanna read these with you!"

And they did.

Surprisingly, Bebe made it fun. Not intimidating, more lighthearted and ridiculous. It made Tweek comfortable, and welcomed. He laughed at some of the cheesy words, curious who would write such a thing. Unfortunately, they were all named under 'anonymous' or 'your secret lover.' Having a boyfriend was enough pressure, now he's got secret admirers?

"These can't be real, haha!" Tweek chuckled.

"I dunno, they look pretty real to me!"


"Each one has a different design and different handwriting! Plus, they all have a different topic. Like one of these mentions your eyes, and another talks about your... 'nice ass?'"

Tweek snorted and covered his mouth. "No way."

"See for yourself!"

Tweek picked up the paper.

'Hey Tweek,

You always look hella fine, not gonna lie. Despite being a guy, I'd dive into that nice ass.'


Bebe burst out laughing, and kept going even when Wendy arrived.

"Jeez, what's up with her?" Wendy asked sarcastically.

"W-WENDY! LOOK AT THIS!" Bebe howled, handing Wendy the love letter.

Surprisingly, Wendy started cackling as well, leaving Tweek awkward and a bit.. uncomfortable. What if someone was planning on harassing him?! What if he was attracting bad people?! What if they're all just a joke and he's overreacting?!

"Oh j-jesus..."

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