Chapter Eleven

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"What the-" I moan, waking up staring out into the dark night sky. Where the hell was I? Then it hit me, and a thousand curse words flooded my head. I try to get up, but my hands are tied up to a back of a post.

"Finally, you're awake." Octavia's voice says from beside me, I pull up against the ropes, trying to untangle them.

"I've already tried-" Octavia begins but shuts up as soon as  I pull my hands free. "Okay, you've got to teach me that."

I nod at her as I untie her, we've got to move quick, Skaikru, Bellamy and the others, good be coming into a trap at any moment. I'd like to say I hated him, for what he had done. But after all I've done, I just couldn't... I couldn't hold it against him because I knew he would realise soon.

I turn around, Octavia ducking to the ground when we see the lights. The grounders lights. They haven't noticed us yet.

"Make a run for Helios, and I'll take off down the ridge." I tell her, she looks around and nods, as we hear the rover pull up with a squeak. "Now."

Octavia makes a break for Helios, and I crawl through the shrubs while they're distracted. I sprint down the hill and look back, seeing the fire arrows poised. Shit.

I spot Bellamy, running towards the neighing of Octavia's horse. "Bellamy!!" I scream, jumping over a log. "Get them out of there." I see him look up as I stumble down the hill, but it's too late the arrows go flying.

The stacks of wood take fire, and I finally reach the edge of the village. Clouds of smoke erupt around them, and I realise. Poison.

"Get back to the rover!" Bellamy orders, but I can see the shadows of them struggling though the thick smoke. I can see one fall to the ground.

"Monty!" She calls, and I recognise the voice. It's Monroe, crap. I take a deep breath and sprint into the smoke, I can hear Monty calling her name. I reach her, pulling her up, and hooking her arms around my shoulder as I haul her out. I run out of air and suck in some of the poison gas, couching and spluttering until I make it out.

I fall, beginning to drag her unconscious body further away from the smoke and Monty runs to help me, grabbing her other arm. She gasps for air as I lay her down, and suddenly I get knocked away from her.

"Grounder scum!" Hannah Green spits in my face, taking her gun out to aim it at me. They must not recognise me because of the smoke and the paint. Monty runs forward and  puts a hand on his mother's gun.

"She's one of us". Monty states, and his mother reluctantly puts her gun down. "She's Ava Kennedy, Mum." Her eyes and mine widen at the sound of my last name.

"How did they know?" I hear Bellamy says, obviously distraught. He hasn't realised I was me yet, or he hadn't taken his eyes of Monroe. I get up and kneel beside him. Watching the girl gasp for air. The poison has got to her. She looks up at me painfully, and I take out my dagger. If I have to do to her what I did to Atom, so be it. But I couldn't see her in pain.

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