After Graduation

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P.S I don't take shit from no one. so if your gonna be a bitch be prepared to fight....

For the real Anglic who said she'd kill me if I don't continue....


That we did. yup. we got lucky and were all going to TF282. along with some Guy named Trenton and the most hated Guy buy Angie's book,Jordan. "Jordan Y U NO GET DIFFERENT TASK FORCE?!" She said making the face. So me and the buddies whent over to the pizza place. I sat in-between Jake and Angie, so I saw this first hand.

"Angie, look here. " said Miguel. she did and guess what hit her, a slice of Miguel 's half eaten pizza.

"Miguel, " she says strangely. "Run." and Miguel ran. I saw him pinned against the wall a few feet away by,none other than Angie. "Would you like to keep that hand Miguel? " he nodded VERY fast. "Then I suggest keeping it FAR away from me! And must I remind you, I make a clean cut." she continues. "They would make a perfect old person couple." I say to Jake. he laughs . after "the perfect old couple " stops fighting we go to my house. we had a small party. and when Angie and I came down we saw everyone on the floor asleep but Jake. he was on the couch. "Oh hellz Naw! I don't care that you're my bestfriend." I say hoping over the back of the couch and pushing him on the floor. "Nobody is on my couch when I wake up." I finish.

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