Chapter 2

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Christina's POV-
Y/N! It hurts I continue sobbing on my bed. Toby checks on me every once and a while but never stays long enough to see my cry. I never like showing my weaknesses but the death of the person I cared for most is killing me slowly. Making me suffer. I hate this, why her!

I scream again. I completely lost my voice and I'm pretty sure I lost more than 30 pounds. I have no clue how jack is doing. Mochi comes by and complains about toby Jack and i never coming out of our rooms anymore. None of us are eating.

Toby says he trys but just throws it back up, even waffles which makes him even more depressed. "Ch-Christina let me in." Its toby. I walk over and unlock the dark wooded door letting in the twitching man. He instantly pulls me into a tight hug. "How you d-doing?" He says as he wipes away the tears that remained on my cheeks. I shrug before walking back over to my bed hugging a pillow. Toby walks over and sits beside me. "I-If it makes y-y-you feel better B-BEN keeps dying because Sally is a-a-annoying him" he says. A flash back of what Y/N did came to mind.


"BEN BEN BEN BEN! Your gonna die BEN! Just wait. Annnnndddd dea-" "o my god (y/n)! Please just be quiet. Your like Toby on drugs!"


The day Y/N and I went crazy on coffee. I give out a small smile letting tears flood my vision once again. Toby hugs me again calming me. "I-i-i miss h-her" my voice cracks out. For the first time I let my tear run free in front of the guy I fell for.

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