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authors pov

taehyung sighs in boredom, all his friends leaving to go to something else. he strips to his boxers and slides under his sheets. taehyung yawns softly, his heavy eyelids falling shut. his room was spotless as he fell asleep, cleaning it once his friends left.


after cleaning his room and himself up, hoseok dresses comfortably with a bright smile. he decided to surprise taehyung with a sweater he bought while shopping. hoseok happily walks to taes apartment, humming as he glaces around at the expensive building. he knocks on the door and pouts, not getting a reply.
he decided to walk in after noticing the door isn't locked and goes to taes bedroom, slowly peaking in, "taehyungie?"
not getting a reply, hoseok slowly crawls into bed next to tae, snuggling against his chest. he smiles to himself and gently kisses taes nose causing him to stir very slightly. hobi presses his head against taes chest, tae softly groaning out in his sleep, "hoseok fuck.." tae pulls hoseok closer unconsciously, hoseoks face turning a bright red feeling taes clothed erection press against him.

hoseok panics internally, his breath hitching. he's dreaming of me?.. slowly taehyung becomes quiet once again and yet his clothed member presses against his thigh, still erect. hobi blushes intensely, his eyes heavy as he lies his head on taes chest while his heart beats fast.

hoseok breathes in his taehyungs scent. he clutches onto tae as he slowly falls asleep, wishing he was awake enough to admire a sleeping taehyung.

an hour later taehyung slowly shifts away, going to rub his eyes but he can't move his arm. he gazes at hoseok, deep asleep as hoseoks cheek presses against the younger boys arm. taehyung tilts his head in confusion, "how did he get here..." the voice causes hoseok to slip back into consciousness, rubbing his eyes cutely. taehyung cooes softly as he watches his hyung. "did you have a good nap?" taehyung says after chuckling. hoseok blushes softly and nods, "sorry i fell asleep in your bed, i just came to visit.."

taehyung caresses the older boys cheek with an endearing smile, "i don't mind hyung but you should have woken me up, what if i was naked hm?" he teases lightly. hoseoks deeply blushes at the thought and mutters softly, "that's okay with me.." taehyung tilts his head, not hearing what hoseok said. "what was that?~" he says lifting the others chin to look into his eyes. hoseok giggles softly, "nothing~" taehyung grumbles softly and spoons the older boy, closing his eyes again. "let's just sleep a little more,, five minutes." he mutters. hoseok doesn't notice what taehyung says, being distracted by something poking his bottom. "but tae,, something's poking me." he softly whines with a pout and blindly reaches back, grabbing whatever was pressed against his bottom.

taehyung unexpectantly groans into the older boys ears, gripping his hips, "hoseok what are you doing.." hoseoks eyes widen and his cheeks flush "o-oh my gosh i'm so sorry tae!" taehyungs eyes darken slightly and he grabs hoseoks hand softly, making his cup his semi hard, clothed cock. hoseok gazes into taehyungs eyes with half lidded ones, "t-taehyungie, m-my hand.." he stutters out with bright pink cheeks.

"ah hyung, you must have moved a lot in your sleep that's why i have this,, issue" taehyung licks his lips, "how bout you help hm?" taehyung guides the older boys hand to palm his cock. "h-help? how..." hoseok stutters our once more, his thighs unconsciously rubbing together as he feels taehyungs cock grow even harder, feeling out big he really is. "let's see.. i want your pretty little lips around my cock, if you want to of course" he smirks.

oops sorry for the cliffhanger :3 i've been super busy and unmotivated so i didn't upload this. i'll try making the next one longer and better. if you have any suggestions or stories you'd like to see, comment them. also, thank y'all so much for the support! i can't believe how many views the book has gained :) it really keeps me creating more chapters for you to read i hope you enjoy!!

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