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Family or your lover? Which do you choose? Why is it a choice?

Honestly, I never understood the compulsion of others to make the situation a 'one or the other' kind of predicament. Granted, some lovers are grave mistakes, but they are not a joint decision. Eventually, you figure it out for yourself if you're making a mistake. On the other hand, there are some families it's simply best to wash your hands of.

I didn't have either of those problems, but they still tried to drive me to make the decision.

Him or them.

The problem with giving someone like me ultimatums is that you have to be sure you have a winning proposition. You have to be willing to follow through. And you have to know if the person you're blackmailing is willing to take the bait.

Problem number one is that they tried to give me an ultimatum. Problem number two is that I knew them too well. They could never follow through. For the rest of their lives, no matter which dark hole I climbed down, they'd try to bring me back. Problem number three is that I refused to give them the power to force a decision.

I gave them an ultimatum of my own.

Shut up or get out.

It took a while, but they made their decisions, too.

The last one just left.

I thought I would be sorry for it.

I'm not.

How long can you go on a branding spree that leads to a record number of suicides before someone finally figures out what the fuck is going on? In my case? Two weeks. And then my phone was screeching at me at six in the morning. I almost hurled it across the room before I saw the ID.

"Answer it or I will," he groaned beside me, rolling over and pulling the pillow over his head.

I sighed and then picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" Orenda snapped at me.

I wasn't going to lie... "It's possible."

On the other end, I could hear her taking a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Heh. Like I couldn't shoot that calm in the face in point zero three seconds. I'm a big sister. It's a gift.

"What are you doing, Istas?"

"Currently? Trying to sleep. It's been a long night."

"Cut the crap. You abandoned D. Sent for Sarah. And took off a fucking month ago. You haven't called to check up on them and you and I haven't spoken in weeks. Now there are dreamcatchers showing up on people's faces and reports of mass hallucinations. Care to explain?"

Oh, this was too good.


"No?" Her voice had taken on an incredulous edge.

"No, I don't feel like explaining."

"Why not?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"For several reasons. None of which I feel like explaining."


"Orenda!" I mimicked.

"Stop being a cunt for five fucking seconds and level with me, asshole."

I thought about it. Really, I did. But what the fuck would I say? 'Hey, baby sis, I've gone on a kind of passive-aggressive killing spree because I'm following your advice to use my powers for the greater good. Also, I'm having sex daily with the guy you hate for absolutely no fucking reason.'

I sighed. "O, even if I level with you, you're going to go on a tirade. And frankly, it's too early for that shit. I'm going to hang up now and I'm turning my phone off. You wanna bitch, so you can do it to my voicemail."

Just as I was about to hit the End button, her voice shot out a quick, "Dream date! Tonight!"

I put the phone back to my ear. My voice was low and stern when I said, "You don't want to do that."

"Dream date. Tonight," she repeated, unaffected by my tone.

"Fine. Just remember that you asked for this." I hung up.

He rolled back over while I set the phone down. An arm snaked around my middle and he pulled me against him. I snuggled into the embrace, pressing my back against his chest and curving my legs around his.

Placing a kiss on my shoulder, he asked, "How is she?"

As if he didn't hear every fucking thought going through my head. Cute.

"She's pissed and worried and would track us down in a heartbeat just for the chance to smack me upside the head." Knowing exactly what he was waiting for, I added with a sigh, "She's also missing me like crazy. It's why she wants the date."

She also wanted to make sure I was still sane. Not exactly something to be determined over the phone. Which made me wonder what, exactly, this must look like from the outside.

"We'll watch the news tonight," he grumbled.

I smiled. "And in the meantime?"

As a point, he pressed his dick against my ass. Hard as a rock. "In the meantime, we're going to have uninterrupted morning sex. Then shower. Then food. If we don't go back to sleep after the sex."

There was nothing on that list I was keen to argue with, so I let him have his way. And I meant that. His morning wood would start my day off great, and he could do literally whatever he wanted to me and I was practically guaranteed at least one orgasm. It was a great life.

Taking some of that into consideration, his hand moved down my stomach and eased between my legs. When he first dipped his finger into my pussy, it was to test the moisture level. No worry there. He got morning wood, but I was also easy to arouse in the early hours. The wet finger eased up to swirl around my clit, enticing the bundle of nerves to come out and play. Thank the Creator I'd gotten a man who knew precisely how to ply the clitoris for maximum impact.

In an effort to shut me up, he kissed my neck before he pressed two fingers back into me. I moaned a little and spread my legs wider to give him better access as he stroked and teased. My back arched a little and I pressed my ass against his shaft. A few seconds later, he pulled his fingers out, pulled my thigh up a little higher, and thrust his dick into my pussy in one single, fluid motion. I gasped and my muscles tightened around him in happy bliss. Then he withdrew and thrust again and my hips rocked with him.

When I grew tired of the lack of force behind the thrusts, we rolled so that I was on my stomach and he could drive into me from behind. With each thrust, my ass rose higher, trying to give him better access until I was up on all fours, rocking back and forth on his dick. He picked up speed and thrust harder into me. I screamed as the orgasm burst inside me, the muscles clamping on his dick and trying to keep it precisely where it was.

For a very brief moment, he paused and enjoyed the full extent of my climax. The second I took a ragged breath, he renewed his efforts. He lasted almost all the way through my aftershocks before he pulled out and jerked his cum onto my ass.

Ahh, morning sex. Didn't last long, but felt so fucking good.

Grinning to myself, I stretched out on my stomach while he retrieved a washcloth from the bathroom. Silently, he cleaned me up before stepping into the bathroom once more. I was asleep before he returned.

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