The Nest

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"It's fine, everyone! She's one of us!"

Everyone looks back and stares at a man climbing his way onto the platform that the cage sat on. He slicked his hair back and smiled with satisfaction. The solitary light above him radiated onto his tan skin, sparse facial speckled across his cheeks and chin.

"You are, aren't ya?" He shouted and the world grew still again. This time, I nodded my head, instantly regretting my decision to venture down in the first place. "Good!"

"Welcome to the Nest!"

The enormous crowd had dispersed and left only 10 people, all hanging around and seemingly waiting for the man to finish speaking to me. "What's brings you here?" He spoke, bringing a cigarette to his lips. "Just stumbled upon you, that's all." I whispered, my throat bone dry from crying earlier within the day. The people surrounding him made me nervous, sweat coating my palms as I fidgeted with my hands.

"Who are you anyway? I wasn't expecting so many people here."
"You haven't heard of us?"
"Well... no. Not really."
He sighed, smoke rising out of his mouth and making me cough at the foul smell.

A voice behind me chirped up. "What should we do with her, Marcus?" The man called Marcus turned towards me, clearly amused by my expression "I don't know."
"Me neither."
"There's something about her though, We can't just leave her like this."
I looked at the girl beside Marcus and her eyes stabbed into mine. Her arms were crossed, strands of hair waving around in front of her pale face.

Her hair was the colour of her eyes, a warm brown. They covered one of her eyes and stopped at her shoulders. She stared at me with curiosity, looking at me up and down. However, she wasn't the first thing I saw.

A young girl, maybe 7 or 8, stood in front of her. She was smiling, her eyes like tree bark. She wore overalls and simple t-shirt and made me realise how cold she could be despite her obvious happiness. Cocking her head to the side, the young girl giggled and I couldn't help but smile. The girl above her fired poison from her eyes. "Siblings that's for sure."

"I know, Marcus. Something isn't quite right with this girl." She mumbled in Daemona, staring me down in intimidation. Water splashed onto the concrete from the pipes behind me, being the only sound that held silence at bay. "Have you got Sophie to see her?"
"No. It's not like she's interested anyway. Sophie! Come here a sec!"
Behind the cage was a girl coming out of a dark tunnel in the distance, her light hair indicating an Angel.

She had an eye colour just like mine, turquoise with a few speckles of white. However, hers were cold as ice and I could instantly tell within the second I saw her. A knot formed in my stomach. The girl marched across the concrete, the two flashes of blue stabbing into my body. She wore a vibrant top and a short jacket, her combat boots clocking on the ground beneath her. When she got the dark-haired sisters, she stopped in her tracks and moved a piece of blue hair out of her way.

"Yes? Who is she?"

She spoke in English, not hesitant to be heard by me. "This is... what's your name?" Marcus  said turning his stubbly face towards mine in confusion. "Aurora." I tried not say my surname in case their caught on to my heritage. The blue-haired girl's eyes narrowed. "She's strong. I can feel it."
"How can they tell if people are strong or not? What are they psychic? Well... Demons are but not Angels..."
"I know. It's weird."
"I like her!"

Everyone turned around to see the little girl looking at me and laughing. Her eyes were so big and sweet, glistening. "Can we have her? Please?" She begged, jumping up and down in excitement. The girls exchanged looks and Marcus folded his arms. The blue-haired girl  sighed. "Fine! Fine! Just for the night!"
"Yaaayyy!!! Thank you Sophie!!!" The girl squealed as she hugged her, causing her cheeks to turn pink.
"Sophie... so that's her name."

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