Chapter Thirteen: Love is weirdly complicated but simple at the same time.

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Chapter Thirteen: Love is weirdly complicated but simple at the same time.

Wednesday night.

LYDIA yawned as she entered George's and her apartment. It was past ten and yet she was tired due to the day's events.

She left Freya's when Marlon came to her dorm to walk to the party with her. Of course, Freya asked if Lydia wanted to join them but she shook her head.

If George didn't want her to attend then he probably had a reason and she didn't really want to go. Party's weren't her sense especially after last night with the virginity question.

Did George care? Did he wanted to do 'it'? Taking a deep breath Lydia sighed, "I'll talk to him later."

"Or we could talk now?" George said, walking out of the bedroom into the living room. A small smile on his face and his hair dishevelled. Lydia could clearly tell that something was bothering him.

Her heart was racing in her chest as he walked towards her. Why isn't he at the party?

Standing in front of her, George intertwined their fingers gently. "I'm afraid of losing you."

Lydia's heartbeat picked up as he said them words, reminding her of all the conversations they had in high school. The conversations that began their relationship.

Squeezing his hand, Lydia knew that George would never hurt her on purpose. She knew that he was keeping the party a secret for a reason and he'd tell her soon.

With a small smile playing on her lips, Lydia told him one of her fears. Her biggest fear.

"I'm scared that I'm not good enough."

For you, she wanted to add but bit her tongue.


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