Chapter eleven

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Helloooo guys wassuppp how are ya because im angry and still annoyed but its my lifeu so guess what this is its a chapter!!!😛😛😛i took four days and i an readyyyy


No ones p.o.v
Taehyung was bored out of his pretty head he went down and saw jimin watching a movie with yoongi he knew that chanyeol and beakhyun were probably fucking and so he went to the kitchen to see jin cooking he said "hey taehyung jimin told me what happened with the maid you okay?"

I said "why wouldn't i bee i killed the slut so I really don't care"

I saw a maid walk in and gave me a disgusted look i gave her a bitch face and said "wow another slut how many sluts did he give a job i know he can't keep his limp dick in his pants but seriously he could just go to a club like a normal person"

She gasped at taehyungs choice of words taehyung spoke "i suggest if you don't wanna die you leave this room"

She quixkly walked out scared

I laughed

Jin said "wanna eat something"

He said "oh no i just came here for a drink and then i was heading to kill"

Jin gasped and said "you can't leave not until your mother is dead"

He said "not my mother beakhyuns mother"

Jin said "idk stay in and eat with us plz?"

I said "I can't and don't want to as i remember it you were the ones who left me"

Jin said "taehyung it wa-"

He cut him of saying "save it i moced on and your not my friends except jimin and yoongi bwakhyun and chanyeol the rest of you go fuck yourselves"

He left jin there walking out to kill he found his next victim tortured him killed him violently not caring whom he may be

Two hours later

Taehyung got home to see them all wating and laughing i scoffed and walked past them

Yoongi said "kid you need to eat"

He said "i ate already"

Yoongi said "you fucking reek of alchol and blood and sex what the fuck did you do your usual"

He said "you know it"

Beakhyun said "whats his usual this is the first time im hearing of this" worrisome laced in his velvety strong voice

Yoongi said "oh just a torturing kill then he goes and drinks and fuxks someone"

Taehyung said "later"

And walked our jungkook wasn't there he was at his mission the others let him be and all went on

Ok I promise next chapter will be longer and more interesting i am in a hurry

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