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Irina: Do you know Issei Hyoudou?

F/N: Maybe, why?

Irina: I am his old friend.

I remembered then the photo we were watching at Issei's house. So, I was right, she's actually a girl. Issei will be surprised when I tell him.

F/N: I believe you. What do you want from him?

Irina: I'd just like to see him. It has been many years since our last meeting.

F/N: Okay, follow me.

I took both girls to Issei's home, it turned out that his mother was at home. When Irina introduced herself, Mrs Hyoudou looked really happy. She invited all of us inside and started to talk to Irina, completely ignoring me and Xenovia. I sat there in silence, feeling that Xenovia is watching me.

Then Issei and Asia burst into the house with a bang.

Issei mother: Oh Issei, you're back!Why do you have a face like that?

Issei stood in front of these girls in a fighting position.

F/N: Calm down man, it's all right.

When he looked at me, he calmed down.

Irina: Long time no see. Hello, Issei.

Issei:Excuse me, who are you?

Irina: You don't remember me? It's me Irina!

Issei: I'm sorry, I still do not know who you are...

F/N: This is the girl from the photo.

I picked up the album and showed him the picture we were watching earlier.

Issei: Wait ... what?!

F/N: By the way, I was right, you owe me pizza.

Issei mother: It is normal that you did not recognize her, she has changed a lot.Even I barely recognized her.

Issei: Heh ... I thought she was a boy.

Issei mother: It was rude!

Issei: I-I'm so-

Irina: Nothing happened. True, I wasn't too girly then.

Issei: But I'm sorry...

Irina: But it looks like a lot has changed since our last meeting.Such a meeting after years is really interesting!

Issei and Asia looked at the blue-haired girl and the big sword she had with her.

Irina: Well, we'll be leaving now. It was really nice to see you again. See you soon, Issei!

Then the two girls left the house, and when Issei's mother went into the kitchen, Issei threw himself at me with his hands.

Issei: Why did you bring them here! They belong to the church!

F/N: Well done genius, I didn't know it, you know? I brought them here by Sonia's command. She said that I should help them in case of something, and sooner or later they would get here by themselves.

When I was discussing with Issei, Rias ran into the house. She hurried to us and hugged.

Rias: It's good that nothing has happened to you.

F/N: Easy, I made sure that they didn't go crazy.

Rias: Bringing them here, was very dangerous.

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