13 - Evils That Be

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The Impasse - Collision

Orson and what remained of his team reached the mouth of the impasse, right at the edge of the heavy black fog, it was as close as they could get. They couldn't see past the black nothingness. They climbed out of the heavily armored black truck with their weapons. Four trucks had left the claw base and only the one made it this far past the evils scouring the city.

The creatures running loose about the town succeeded in driving the other trucks off the trail and down the cliff on the path here, and yet Orson had insisted that they stayed the course. They geared up behind the cover of their truck as the mysterious fog crept over them like a welcoming nightmare.

"We need lights," Drew whispered to Orson as he loaded his mags and strapped them on his already heavy combat vest begging for mercy. Orson cast a glance at the rest of the team, his mind working out how the six of them could undo the evil eating away at the city's dome.

"It'll lead them straight to us," Orson returned in the same hushed tone. High pitched squeaks echoed throughout the impasse and Orson rose from where he squatted with his team behind the truck to really look, it was dark and foggy and the air exhaled fear. Down the path covered with black mysterious ooze was a large tree with a door, he frowned as he wondered about it.

"Ready when you are," James called, shouldering his weapon. Orson tore his gaze from the odd tree to his team and nodded.

"Where exactly are we headed, boss?" Thompson asked their leader who barely shared his suicidal plans with the squad. Before these unholy creatures took the town, no one really did believe Orson's rants about humans not being alone here. He'd been tagged a lunatic and this vigilante mission was his way to prove that he'd been right all along. It still didn't change the fact that only Orson seemed to see what the rest of them couldn't.

"Past that tree to the caves with the lights pouring out," Orson pointed. Orson inserted his 30-round mag into his assault rifle, threw it over his shoulder and grabbed a torchlight from his black duffle by his feet.

"What lights?" James asked, a confused scowl on his brows. Orson looked from the bright young man to the cave far back, past the odd tree.

"Do you see the tree?" Orson asked. The squad nodded to him. "And the cave past it?"

"All I see is darkness," James shrugged. The loud growl startled them and they lowered back behind the truck for cover, all of them except Orson.

The earth trembled as an army of monsters crawled out of the cave, past their apparent leader pointing them towards the city with a wooden stave. Orson watched as the creatures crawled out of the cave with the lights, the one only he could see. He swallowed against the sudden dryness in his mouth, these creatures were entirely different from the ones currently swarming the city.

"We need to seal whatever that cave is," Orson said to them. He felt Thompson rise behind him to steal a peek. "Do you see them?" Thompson lowered back down and Orson followed.

"This is way above our paygrade boss," Thompson muttered.

Orson shushed him,  he signaled for them to remain quiet as the army trooped along the path beside them. Orson slipped underneath the truck, rifle still handy and watched as the unending battalion of monsters continued to match for the city.

The creature with the stave circled about the odd tree curiously. It stopped by the door and sniffed it, he growled loudly and turned its stave on the door.

The cottage door shattered open from the inside out, sending the monster flying away from it. Orson watched in awe as a white-haired lady stepped out from inside the tree with eyes glowing gold. The last of the creature's army grouped around their leader. It scrambled back to its feet and grabbed its stave. A blue shield formed around the lady as the monster shot a wave of black orb at her. Her shield vanished once the monster stopped and she growled with a voice like thunder.

"Hear me!" Her voice carried across the impasse, shaking the earth and sending the ghostly creature  in the trees running.

"What's going on?" James and the others followed his lead, crawling on their bellies underneath the truck to peak. "Who's that?"

The trees around the impasse rattled loudly in response to the lady's call and the monsters sprung around the one with the stave, ready to engage whatever she had conjured. Several trees around the impasse burst open and golden glazed creatures, in female forms, crawled out. The one with the stave threw an orb at the white-haired lady unexpectedly and she flew towards the cave.

"We have to help her," Orson said.

"Have you lost your mind?" Thompson shot. "How exactly are we going to do that? We need to get out of here while..." the truck flew from over them and with it their cover. They turned to the faceless creature standing over them with a stave in his paw. His face was devoid of eyes and a nose, just an opening for a mouth with long creeping tentacles. It grabbed Orson from among them and brought him close to his face while the others watched, unable to move.

Orson grunted against the shattering of his bones, the creature's grip was tighter than death's. It's tentacles wrapped around Orson's head and he groaned as he tried to breathe. He noticed the branches and roots as they crawled around the creature, it grunted, tossed Orson roughly against a tree and charged at the golden glazed creatures who were using the trees as mediums to fight.

"Orson," James called to him from the other side of the path.

"Get her and get out of here," Orson pointed them towards the white-haired lady who was now crawling towards the cave. "Hurry," he groaned as he tried to rise, his legs gave and he winced as the excruciating pain shot up his spine. He wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon, his legs were numb. He leaned back against the tree and watched as Thompson led the claw calculatedly on the path.

They would need his help. Orson threw himself on his belly, biting down the vision shattering pain in his waist, his attempt to belly crawl towards the fight going on by the tree was futile...his team ran screaming past him towards the city and he bit down a curse as the creatures chased after them.

The earth quaked and he grabbed onto the tree's roots for support. The path beside him split in two, straight down into the cave. The cave crumbled loudly into a pile of rocks and he watched as the tree creatures speedily returned whence they came. Orson looked about for the white-haired lady, but she was nowhere to be found.

The creature with stave pointed what remained of its army onward and they trotted past him. It walked up to Orson and pointed its stave at him.

Of all the ways I thought I'd go. Orson thought to himself. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes shut ready for what was coming. All that came was a horrific gasp that forced his eyes to reopen. A brown haired lady of similar stride as the white-haired one had both her hands on the creature's head and she appeared to be draining the life from it.

Her eyes glowed gold too.

Orson watched as she completely drained it while it fought tirelessly to free itself. Its stave dropped to the ground and he followed moments later.

She walked to Orson and lowered to him. The lady held her hand over his face, a gesture that made him pull back.

"Orson," she smiled to him. His response was an alarmed scowl. "Orson, son of Zhavia. Descendant of Odysseus, I bless you with the powers of Bremiis," her eyes glowed gold as she held her palm to his forehead.

Orson's eyes took the color of Bremiis, her palm forming a link through which her powers transferred to him. A red sphere formed around them, rotating and carrying with it wind, dust, and leaves, and the powers of one of the creation stones.

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