5: School

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The next day after leaving the Land of the Darkeners...

"Okay class, let's give Kris a round of applause for being the um... er... Most Dedicated student? For um, giving up all effort finding the chalk! Hooray???" Ms. Alphys said with enthusiasm then with sudden awkwardness. No one applauded for me (as expected) but I could hear Noelle clapping and see her smiling and cheering.

No, I don't like her romantically. Yes she's kind, smart but I don't want to have a relationship with her. Also, right now, I could see Susie staring at her with an indescribable look then immediately turned back at me with another look that I can't explain. I couldn't actually tell if she's like that because of me being the only one being credited for this award or something else.

"Okay, any of you students would like to volunteer on who would explain the project to Kris and Susie?" The teacher asked and forced a smile on us, it was obvious that she was quite nervous.

"Oh me! I would like to volunteer please!"


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