4: Deal

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N-not r-real? H-how is t-hat p-p-possible? I can feel my fluffy legs, my face and everything. I know that we are real living creatures. I just know it! Or maybe... I'm just... A... Fraud. An illusion. Like what that voice said, yeah it's too good to be true but, I kind of don't believe it.

Wait, or maybe, it's just the voice that isn't real! Maybe I'm just so worried about Kris and Susie to the fact I'm just imagining things! I won't simply let fear get over me!

"Um hey, you aren't... Imagining things. I am real dum dum."

"IF YOU REALLY ARE REAL, PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF!" I shouted with courage and confidence.

"Just believe me. I am real." It denied again. I'm getting more convinced the fact that the voice isn't real. Hey, I'm alone right now so I can probably scream a lot?

It truly isn't like me but just when I was about to say PLEASE GO AWAY,

"Ugh, you can't simply let me go right now. The thing I said earlier was one of my reasons. But here's the real thing..."

"And what is that?" I asked full of curiosity.

"Let's have a deal."


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