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Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

C H A P T E R 2 0

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I'm walking through a field. Blades of grass brush against my jeans and the wind blows my hair all over the place. The sun is setting over the horizon. The mix of orange and yellow in the sky is enchanting. Beautiful.

It's surreal. There's something...magical about this sunset.

I search the area for any sign of life. Nothing. Just this field and a forest in the distance.

I flutter my eyes closed for a moment and breathe in the fresh air. It's sweet and intoxicating. It leaves me wanting more.

"Quinn," someone calls my name, causing me to snap my eyes open desperately. But when I open my eyes, there's nobody there. It's just me.

Things are starting to feel very strange. Nothing is adding up. I'm still puzzled by what Carl said, I keep seeing these two people - a man and woman with blonde hair. It all connects together somehow, I'm sure it does. I just can't see the dots and line them up.

"Hello," a woman's voice greets from behind me. I spin on my heels quicker than lightning and come face to face with a beautiful woman. She has soft white hair that falls gracefully down her slender, tall frame. Her shape features are striking, but they pale in comparison to her eyes. They are light silver that probably sticks out in the dark.

Everything about her is gorgeous. She's got a feminine body but with well-defined muscles. Her blue dress falls down her body, accenting her curves. I'm not going to lie but she's definitely intimidating.

"I'm sure you are pretty confused." The woman smiles kindly at me whilst I give her a dumbstruck look. I'm not sure what to say, my brain has frozen. She's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen - aside from Kaiden - and she seems nice. "I would be too but don't fret, when you wake up everything will start to unravel."

Answers. The thing I've been wanting for some time is finally happening. I'm going to get my wish. Relief floods through me and I break out of my stunned state. I bet I looked like a fish in front of this woman.

What are you doing Quinn? You should be demanding answers! My conscience screams at me. I have the right to know where I am and who she is. There's no harm in trying, even if I have a horrible feeling she won't answer any of them.

"Uh - how?" I ask her and then decide against my gut feeling. "And who are you? Where am I? How do you know who I am?"

The woman chuckles lightly. Her laugh is so angelic, it's like a lullaby you sing to babies. How does somebody sound and look so perfect? How is it possible?

"I'm somebody...close to you." She says, cryptically. Amusement dances in her grey eyes, leaving me slightly annoyed.

"What does that mean? And where the hell am I? I don't remember getting here. This place doesn't seem real."

"To mortals its not. This is a dream, one I conjured up. I made it into a paradise of sorts." The woman explains, smiling gently at me. I frown again. So this is a dream, meaning my brain created this woman. Is my brain trying to send me a message? "Quinn, I said I created this, not you. This is the easiest way to communicate with you. I do it often with other wolves, like the king."

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