Picking up the pieces

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The disconcerting gaps in memory I had experienced lessened throughout the day. They did get a lot worse, before they slowly started to last for shorter periods of time, and then they just stopped all together. It was almost as if it all had been a bad dream, a nightmare if you will. 

I couldnt actually say for sure what had happened throughout that day, because I only retained glimpses here and there of the events that had transpired. I remembered clearly grasping Bryans hand when we were outside and walking towards the house, before I was hit with the biggest gap of black nothingness that occured that entire day, it lasted for hours.


"Ahhhhhhhhhh...Ahhhhhh...Ahhhhhhh.... Ahh... "

I was ripped back into reality from the harsh coil of oblivions grasp, as I moaned out loud. A savage orgasm rocked throughout my entire body, and made me writhe under Bryans enormous mass as he fucked me. My whole body hummed in response to his as he slowly, almost teasingly eased himself into my core. I let out a loud gasp as his mouth found my overly sensitized nipple, and bit into it.

"Ahhhhh..... Ahh... Ahh..."

I didnt have the faintest idea of what events might have taken place to lead up to this very moment. The huge gap between my distraught exit from the garden to letting Bryan plow into me was just too much. One moment I was rushing to get back inside the house, aching for a haven, a safe place to get away from all the confusion and fear. The next ting I know I am naked, vulnerable underneath this man, this monster, as he pumps into me like there is no tomorrow. 

I started sobbing before Bryan could find his own release, my distraught body shaking in fear beneath his massive hulk, then everything was swallowed up by another huge gap of nothing, everything was lost.


Bryans warm hand brushing gently against my cheek was the thing that brought me back from the horrible black canvas of nothing again. I was sitting on the couch, all snuggled up in his lap. His left hand was stroking me very gently, and his right hand was wrapped around my waist in a secure grasp. I remember his soft cooing voice telling me that it would all be ok, that he was here, there was nothing to fear, he would keep me safe. I lifted my trembling hand up to my cheek, and it became all wet with the tears that lingered there. That was the last thing I felt before everything became a black void again.


The next time I came back from that hellish place of nothingness must have been quite soon after, because I was still in the livingroom, still in bryans arms. We were apparently watching a movie together now. The fact that things hadnt changed that much since the last time I had blacked out, calmed me down. The tention filling up my body the moment I came to seeped away again, and I snuggled up in his safe arms. The words I remembered him telling me earlier "I will keep you safe", echoed in my mind, and for some odd reason I found myself trusting his words, trusting him.

I just sat there with him, and watched the movie, no words where needed, it all felt so safe, so calm. I almost got to finish the entire movie, before I suddenly blacked out again for what could only have been a few minutes. Because when I came too again, I was still there in his arms, and the end credits where rolling slowly across the screen.


«Welcome back.» His voice glided around me, and I turned my head away from the credits rolling over the tv sceen, and stared up into his warm, cinnamon eyes.

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