Chapter 24

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Spies Don't Cry Unless Someone Dies

A/N: After reading this chapter some of you guys might hate me. I promise It will get better though so please keep reading!

Lilly's POV:

"Apparently the Brainwashers and your father weren't the only one's who were involved in this plan. They had already gone through the best spies in all the major countries. After the Brainwashers didn't show up from the meeting the other day, the team got worried. They are the best spies in the world. They tracked us down and stole all three of them back." General Forson explained while we rushed to the meeting place. "Fuck!" I yelled really loud without regret. The general and my mother looked at me in disbelief. My brother didn't really notice or care about my false language. "What? I had to do it at some point. Can you blame me. I'm pissed. I just got my father back and now they stole him from me again. No. This time they don't win." I said with a look that could kill on my face. I walked ahead to the helicopter, meeting Jake on the way.

"Hey, we'll get 'em."he said seeing my face. "Oh, I know we will and I will make sure of it." I said with venom in my voice. We all boarded the helicopter and as I looked at my friends. They all had pitiful looks shooting in my direction. Not happening. I am not weak or a person who needs pity and right now I am in a bad freaking mood so they sould probably stop looking at me like that. I love them and I know they are here for me, but being pitied is not my thing. "Guys, stop." I said in an almost yelling tone. "Stop what?" Chris said defensively. "Sympathizing over me. I'm fine. Start thinking about how we are going to take these mofos down, hard." I said with a gleam in my eye. We are going up against the biggest, baddest spies in the world and I think I can beat them? I must be crazy, but I have to try.

"Go, Go, Go, Go!" The high level spies holler at us. This was going to be the biggest team ever on a mission. Every spy with a level 6 clearing and above are on this mission but we are the main subjects of the mission. We barged into the room with the element of surprise. There were lots bullets wizzing by at full speed. I took cover immediately. "Hey." a voice came from next to me. I jumped, startled. "Jake, you scared the living crap out of me."I said getting up from my cover every once in a while to shoot at people who found us and shot at us. I always aimed for the knees and shoulders. I couldn't kill someone. It wasn't right. Especially since most of these people are really the good guys but brainwashed.

I looked around at the team. Kaitie, Chris, John, and Josh were hidden like us. Christina was covered but fist fighting with an enemy who found her. I could only tell where exactly they were with the gps I had. I'm sick of hiding. Time to stand up and fight. "Let's go. I'm not going to coward out of this." I said, Jake nodding in approval.

We stood up and I threw a smoke bomb. I memorized where the people were before I threw it. Jake and I nodded before separating and knocking people out from behind. I hit people left and right. The smoke started to thin and I looked around at how many spies there were left to fight. This was going to be a long day. A big hand came from behind me and put me in a choke. I froze up. It hit me at that moment that this could end bad. Someone I love could die. I pulled everyone into this and if they die it's my fault. Only a second passed before my instints to fight back kicked in. I tucked my chin in, turned in, and hooked his leg, throwing him backwards for Ouchi Gari (Judo throw). I pounced on him and tazed him. I can't waste time today with making them pass out. I handcuffed him and moved on.

Out of the corner of my eye I see my father tied up, screaming and kicking to get out. He was about to be brainwashed again as we walked in. He was laying on a metal table with lether straps secure tightly and his head tied down with some big machinery towering above him. I look at my gps and see Jake has just ducked for cover to reload his weapon. Everyone else was in combat with some really skilled people. I try to communicate with Jake through the tiny radio we have hooked up. "Jake?" I talk into the technology now in hiding. "Yep." he replies. "Cover me. I'm going to my dad." I say and look at him threw the crowd of fighters. We nod at each other and I start my run. The enemies were now alert of me trying to save my dad. I had gunshots coming from all over. "Watch out." I hear Kaitie yell as a bullet wizzes towards me and hits me of the the right of the upper back. I tumble down, staring at my father. I whisphered one thing that I wanted everyone to know if the inevitable happened. "I love you." I gurgled with blood running out my mouth.

I fell a sudden shock of pain and then nothing. No Pain. No suffering. It just went away and...


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