I'm Fine

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"Please, Liam, please,"Alex whispered as Chubs was still doing CPR. As Chubs was about to pound on Liam's chest again, Liam let out a large inhale of air, then closed his eyes again. Alex placed her head on his head and sighed when she heard a heartbeat, she nodded to Chubs who was engulfed in a hug, curtesy of Zu.  "Hey..." Liam said but it came out more like a whisper. "Don't do that again ever, okay you scared me. I thought I was going to lose you," Alex said, choking on back a sob. "Hey, it's okay, I'm not going anywhere, okay, you're never gonna lose me," Liam said, sitting up and pulling her into a hug. Alex let out a small sob and Liam tightened his grip on her and she felt protected in an extremely nice way. "Promise me you'll never do that again," she said into his chest. "I promise," he replied, placing a small kiss on the top of her head. 

Alex had fallen asleep along side Liam, when she woke, Chubs was driving and Zu was asleep in the passengers seat. She looked up at Liam who was still fast asleep, "Where we headed Chubs," she asked. "Anywhere as long as it's far away from The SHFK," he replied, not taking his eyes of the road, like the responsible driver, he supposedly was. "Nice plan," she replied, lying her head back down on Liam's chest, on the opposite side to where he was shot. 

Alex had fallen asleep, again, only this time when she woke up everyone was awake. She looked up and saw Liam who was wide awake reading his book, trying not move too much as he didn't want to wake her. "Morning, well more like afternoon," Liam said as he realised she was awake. "Oh shush, I did not sleep that long, when I first woke up, you were out like a light," she said sitting up and pecking Liam on the lips. "I will have none of that in front of the child," Chubs said motioning to Zu. " Your just grumpy 'cause your forever alone," Liam said. "No. Now will one of you drive, I have to teach Zu math," the geeky boy said getting out of the drivers seat and going into the back of the van, Zu following slowly behind clearly not excited about math. "I will," Liam said getting up. "Are you sure your okay to drive, I don't mind driving I mean you did nearly die yesterday," Alex said your voice laced with concern. "I'm fine Alex, I swear," He said as he hopped into the drivers seat. "Now, are you joining me up here or what?" he asked before turning on the ignition. "Are you sure you're okay to drive?" she asked as she joined him in the front. "I'm fine Alex, stop worrying," Liam replied before starting to drive down the abandoned highway.

A/N: sorry I haven't updated in awhile I haven't been well and I have been swamped with school work but I promise next chapter will be more exciting and maybe even action packed (haven't decided yet). I will be updating more often or at least try to. Also massive thank you for the love I've been getting on this book it's absolutely incredible. 

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