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I wake up,everything is white..theres this beeping body hurts...

I sit up to see a man sleeping beside me..his sitting on a chair beside my bed with his head,taking a small spot of the bed...

I look around...its only us in the room

'What time is it..?' I thought
I search for my phone to see it on the table..

'Its far,can i reach it?' I extend my arm making the bed slightly move making the man beside me wake up....

He turns his head to me...its beakhyun!

He widened his eyes then immediately stood up and put his hand on my forehead

"Are you ok!?..does something hurt?!....are you hungry??,I bought food...wait!"  He blurted as he checked my temperature..he seems really worried

He stood up to get the plastic bag from the table then stood beside me...

"Ya..I told you not to get out the car!..your always making me worry..." he says as he readys ramen...

I couldnt help but smile at his protectiveness...he looks at me..he leaves the ramen on the table the walked to me

"Ya! Im serious look at you.." he held my shoulder and looked at my wounds

"...aishh..look at this..." he whispers as he check for my scars worriedly...

I smiled at him..and held his cheek making him look at me..we stare at eachother..

"...Im okay....." I smile at him but his expression still worried

"....aishh are you sure...?, you-"

I cut him off by crashing my bruised lips on his soft ones...

No ones pov

"....aishh are you sure...?, you-"

Taeyeon cut him off by crashing her bruised lips on his soft ones...

She quickly pulled away..teasing the now unhappy baekhyun,he smiled then looked at the door

"Why are you teasing" baekhyun's deep husky voice sent butterflies in taeyeons stomach..

"....Someone might see us.." taeyeon was dissapointed

He smiled exitedly then looked at the door..
"Its currently 11 pm...everyones asleep babe.." he walked to the door..


Baekhyun locked the door then slowely walk to taeyeon...

"But my body hurts..." taeyeon faked hurt then smiled

"Ill be gentle.." baekhyun caught up with her game..

"Only a kiss" taeyeon teased as she unbutton one botton of her robe

Baekhyun leaned closer "..thats not what you want..." he whispers

He held her hand then kissed her aggressively..he didnt notice he was already on top of her..

Taeyeon held baekhyuns head as he kisses her neck then sucked her lips...

"aw" taeyeon shouts as she slightly push baekhyun..making them sit on the bed..beakhyun immendietly worrys

"..I taste it bleeding..? "  taeyeon pressed her finger on her lips then see blood...

"Why do you have to kiss me so aggressively....can you get me a tissue" taeyeon asks but baekhyun didnt move

"Ya!cant you see Im bleeding.." taeyeon shouted

Baekhyun only stared at her lips...then slowely leaned closer..

"Bae-baekhyun...w-what are y-you...-"

Baekhyun wiped the blood with his thumb then kissed her passionately..he could taste the blood..

Baekhyun is once again on top of taeyeon..he unbottons her robe as she takes of his shirt...they kissed like there was no tomorrow.... 

Next morning...

Baekhyun pov

*knock knock knock  !!!

I grunt as to hear loud knocks...I open my eyes to see my girlfriend sleeping..she looks so cute,I cant help but smile

*knock knock knock  !!

I widen my eyes..i quickly grab her robe then botton it up for her and put on my shirt and fix our hair....i notice I left her a mark on her neck,i hid it with a blanket..

"YA!! WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED!!IS EVERYTHING OK!!OPEN THE DOOR!!" I hear minji shouted..I think shes by herself..

I caress my girlfriends hair before walking to the door


"Yahhh oppa!!what took so long to open the door??!" Minji stepped in holding a plastic bag,I think its food....

As she walk to the table,I sat on the chair
"Did you buy water?" I asked

She stops then reach inside the plastic bag and throws me a bottle..

"Thank you.." I opened the bottle and drink...

...."Huh!?..didnt you guys eat..??..why is there cooked noodles here!??yah! Your wasting food,didnt taeyeon wake up last night?!??"

Minji asks as she sees the cooked ramen on the table

I remembered...I we were going to eat when....

"You guys didnt eat??!What did you guys do..?"

I chocked

Minji ran to me then pat my back

" w-we *cough..*cough we ummm *cough.....w-we... w-what are we talking about again"

Minji rolled her eyes then walked back to the table then ready the food she brought..

"..mmm.." taeyeon grunted

I stood up then walked beside her bed

"Goodmorning beautiful.." I kissed her cheek making her blush

..."didnt you wake up last night.. "

Minji shouted while still making the food..

Taeyeon yawned "huh.." taeyeon says as she fixed her hair

"Did you not wake up last night..??"

Taeyeon suddenly widens her eyes...I guess she remembered what we did..she looked at me

We whispered at eachother..both said she didnt wake up..

"Actually I-" taeyeon was cut off by minji

"If you guys are gonna do it,make sure you dont waste food" minji says as she walks toward us holding a tray with coffee and bread

Were caught off guard

"W-what h-how did you-"

"Its pretty obvious based on your tae has a hickey on her neck" minji blurted the last part

Making our eyes widen..taeyeon was more shocked

"What!?" Taeyeon grabbed the mirror o look at her neck..she gasped


She hit my arm making me giggle..we all laugh

"Tae cover that with foundation before the others get here!quickly.."..
Minji throws taeyeon foundation..they ate breakfast..


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