Chapter 1

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First chapter dedicated to honeyjoy977,symplyayisha99...first Nigerians I met on wattpad🤣.

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listen to qween by young ma for this chapter

Bemon's POV.

      ding..ding... At least every normal person would possess an abnormal thing, or who calls a property whose main goal is to deprive innocent people of their peaceful sleep "normal"?

... my alarm clock- otherwise known as my abnormal-object-of-torture whose voice I have the unfortunate honour of listening to first every day rang in my room.

         Without thinking I picked it up and threw it out of my room window not bothering about it's fate.
I mean we're even of course, the damned clock also did not put into consideration the fact that (I slept very late the night before, because I was up studying till around 3:00am) by giving me at least 30 minutes extra to sleep before shrilling it's *dirgy noise.

         Anyways I don't blame the alarm much because of course today is Monday and that means am supposed to go to school, but who cares? Not me Sha... Wait y'all must be thinking I am one of those low-life nerds or bookworms because I said I stayed up late studying, of course not! Yes I give a fuck about school, I need good grades so I can take over my mum's business- as an only child, y'all ll say I could have just bought my way through school but the teachers in my school eh? Especially those monsters in charge of commercial class ...pffft! let me leave it like that.

        I, Bemon Havanna, the only child and daughter of Gwen Havanna, CEO of the Havanna enterprises consisting of *the Havanna hotels and suites, the Havanna motor dealership, the Havanna wine brewery and bottling company... etc etc, am a grade 12 student who lives her life the way she wants, gets everything she needs and does everything she wants to do. Call it pride, call it arrogance, call it any shit you want to, I don't, i mean... I... Don't... give a fucking fuck.

       Finally getting up after staring at my purple ceiling for good ten minutes, unable to go back to sleep after that devil-( the only thing that is not purple in my room) forcefully woke me up, I picked up my tooth brush which also is purple in colour and strolled to the bath room, if there is anything I call beautiful apart from myself, it's my room, oh come on, the beautyfician who decorated this room deserves an award,a smile,a hug and a kiss. and I mean it.


        Breakfast was sandwich and tea, as much as I love life, I couldn't afford to be fat, so I just ate a see:

1) I cannot and wouldn't imagine having fat in the wrong parts of my perfectly sculptured body.

    2) apart from taking over my mum's business when I grow up I ll like to be a model.

   3) my mum is not at home- as she is instead on a business trip to be back by God knows when- to complain that I would totally die of malnutrition if I continue eating like this and the world would point to her as if with all the money she has, she refused to give her only liability proper food, or should we talk about the newspaper headlines ** Business tycoon- Gwen Havanna's daughter dies of malnutrition, currently the mother-daughter relationship is being questioned;-)**

  4) the maid would totally pray for me as she would have my untouched food to feed on

  5) why not?...


        Hoping into my car, I got on my way to school. If there is one thing I could give up half my life for, it's my Lamborghini, I got it just last year as a birthday gift, and it's the best gift I ever got in my entire life, I mean it's even purple in colour ...geez it's just so cool...!

      🎵I was chasing money , trying to make my commerce rise🎵

        🎵And I had to put the joy back in my momma's eyes 🎵

        While the stereo played on... Oh young Ma:-) whoever decided to broadcast that song this morning deserves a bar of Snickers chocolate, it just woke me up already...

🎵 If they wanna bring the beef I'll bring the cow too🎵
🎵It's Brooklyn I roll in town too🎵
🎵They hold me down I hold them down too🎵

And that was when my mom's text came in...

Hello honey, trust you're good, sorry won't be coming home till next month, I already sent your allowance to your account already, be good ok, and hope you're going to school already, so I have to go now, eat you.

        My reply was "yeah" and a 'whatever' in my mind...

   🎵 They talk about me like they past perfect, like they present pretty, like they future flawless, like this world ain't got drug addict or alcoholist, rapist dealers, extortionist.🎵
🎵Like me being gay is so fucking important we all sinning nigga ion give a fuck what you call it...🎵




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