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a/n: you guys know i love being sleep deprived so 2 AM update! :D


"Aren't you a bad little Kitten sneaking out of class to see me?" Jaxon smirked as I got in his car, glaring at him. "Shut up."

At least, he's back to his old self and not having a breakdown. He looked so fearful of himself earlier. I know Principal Brynes sent Jaxon home but, he stayed a little longer for me in the school's parking lot.

"So how long are you suspended for?"

"A week and three days."

Being grounded was already enough now I won't be able to see him for the rest of the week. After my punishment is over, I could be able to see him during his suspension if his parents allow it. It still seemed so long to be away from him.  Why is the universe out to get me?

"Kimora." Jaxon's voice bringing me out of my thoughts. His face was filled with concern and I shook my head. "It's not fair. You got more days than me."

"It's okay."

"It's not okay. Principal Brynes is being ridiculous."

Jaxon wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Don't worry, Kitten. I'll be back before you know it. In the meantime, let's just spend some time together."

I couldn't stop a smile from coming onto my face. He started the car, driving down the road. "Where are we going?"

"Getting food. I'm starving." He groaned just as his stomach grumbled. I ended up laughing and he just playfully glared at me. He's such a baby.


I expected my Dad to be arriving at school to pick me up. Jaxon had dropped me off several minutes before he came and I was pretty glad about that. When we were at his house, I was worried that would've lost track of time since we both fell asleep after watching a couple of movies.

I stood up, dusting off the back of my pants that the school thankfully gave us seeing that it was cold now. as Adam came out of the building, surprised to see me. "Where have you been? I didn't see you at lunch."

I smiled but, something told me to not say anything so I settled on lying, "I've just been catching up on a lot of work in other classes in study hall."

"Oh. Okay." He started to talk about something but, I ended up just looking at the bruises on his face. It looked much better than earlier. Jaxon really did a number on him. "Kimora."

I moved my eyes back to his green ones and he smirked. "Are you checking me out?"

"No. How's your face?"

He laughed nervously, lightly touching the scar on his cheek. "Still hurts pretty bad but, I'm okay." I bet.

"You wanted to talk to me about something earlier, right?"

"Yeah, I-"

There was a loud honk that caught our attention and it was my Dad. I'll listen to whatever he has to say another time. We both got inside of the car and my Dad's eyes widen at the sight of Adam's face. "What happened to you?"

"I tripped." He lied and I glanced back at him from the front seat. He gave me a reassuring smile. I guess he wasn't going to tell my Dad about the fight between Jaxon and him.

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