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Nothing of requests guys.

Not now, rlly.

Also I need to put hamlaf in this smut book cuz we all D E S E R V E it.

Anyways, I been thinking of making those Laflams AU where they meet up and stuff.

Also idk if it will be omegaverse AU (due to three explanations, i still cant understand except that alpha fucks omega and idk abt beta so-)

But if you have any intersting AU in mind, spill.

So this is just an omegaverse AU where Laf and Ham are already together.

Laf is alpha and Ham is half aploha and half beta (is that even possible???)

Anyways, as always...



Alexander was sitting on their window bench, staring as sun was rising, signaling a new day. A new breathes.

He sighed and looked at his papers.

He knew he was doing this a lot by now, because of Thomas Jefferson's disrespectfull behavior, signing an bill against half stereoutypes.

Alexander didn't knew if it was joke, to make him pissed, a rumor or a truth.

But it made him pissed cause he knew that Thomas elder brother was also half of stereotype, and it has a long meaningful history about it.

Alex sighed and looked at his bed.

On bed was an formed figure, sleeping peacefull.

Love of his life, Lafayette.

He met Lafayette a moons ago.

When he was trapped in a war by english dogs, Redcoats.

Lafayette was sold to serve them but he always had pity in his heart for slaves.

And as racist as everyone was and as Alexander was Carribean and hispanic, they...tortured him.

Of course, Lafayette, who was black, was also tortured but had an amazing plans in his head against Bluecoats, under general Washington order.

And Lafayette was also smart.

And he send them all to blind street, every soldier got killed, every slave was freed, the Bluecoats raised an orphanage and special home's for those who were slaves.

So here they were.

Lafayette slowly murrmured something.

Alexander smiled softly at him, putting papers away and went to his side.

He loved Lafayette.

He loved him and always will.

As Alex touched his warm, caramell skin, Lafayette shuddered and ruffeld under covers more.

But why did Alex felt so incomplete?

Why did he felt empty even when they had love?

There was tornado in his stomache but he churn it away and lay next to Laf, inhaling the smell of room and then staring at Lafayette.

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