Chapter 40

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Waking up warm, Aylin looked over to see Ezekiel draped over her. Trying to turn herself, he stirred slightly, wrinkling his brow. Enclosing his arms tighter, she struggled for breath momentarily. "Ugh...Zeke, loosen up a little." 

When he didn't move, she slapped his arm, only earning a twitch. "For the love of Goddess," she whispered, exacerbated. Once again trying to turn herself around in his arms, she was finally successful. Racking her brain, thinking of a way to wake him, she came to only one conclusion. Placing her hands on either side of his face, she gave him a kiss on the lips. They were slightly chapped and rough. Running her tongue over them, a slight rumble came from his chest. 

Pulling back, his eyes were only slits, but she could see the lust in them. "You shouldn't wake a sleeping wolf," he purred. 

Pouting slightly, she kissed his broad chest. "I'm sorry, but you were holding me kind of tightly. I couldn't breathe." 

He chuckled, running his fingers through her silky hair. "My bad. I didn't want to be far from you." 

"Anything happen while I was asleep?"

Both sitting up, Ezekiel sighed, knowing he couldn't keep the truth from her. "I had Quill call Daemon Morris, he's on his way." 

"W-why would you do that?" 

Rolling off the bed, he put the photo from the first incident in front of her. "What do you see?" 

Picking it up, Aylin examined it carefully. "Umm...." she started, lip quivering, "t-that's my father."

"What else?" 

"What is it you see, Zeke?" 

Placing himself behind her on the bed, he took the picture in his hands, chin on her shoulder. "Look at what happened to your father versus what the other victims look like." 

Inspecting closer, her eyes widened. "W-why?" 

"That looks like revenge to me." Reaching for the other picture, he put it in front of her. "There's more. What do you see?"

"I-it's Ophelia Wilson next to her parents. They were also victims of the attack." Squinting slightly, she saw a black mist next to Ophelia. "What is that?" 

"Something tells me the Luna of the Dark Moon Pack has a lot of explaining to do." 

Anxiety and nervousness make Aylin quake with terror. 'Is he going to send me back?! I can't be without him!'

"Don't be stupid,' Kaia barked in her head. 'Mate loves you, and won't let you go!' 

Slightly irritated at her wolf, she growled inwardly. 'Now you show up? Where've you been?'

'Healing your body, stupid! When Zagan comes, I have to be ready to fight. No one harms mate!'

The glazed look in his mate's eyes made him chuckle slightly. She always had long conversation with her wolf. Nudging her head slightly to catch her attention, Aylin was taken off guard. "What are you two arguing about now?" 

"She's been gone for awhile, choosing now to show up."

"And what'd she say?"

"Said she was healing us." 

Holding her closer, Ezekiel buried his nose in her hair. "Then, don't be too mad at her. She cares about your well-being."

"And yours," she said, looking up into the King's emerald green eyes. 

Cleaning themselves up, they headed down to the dining room for breakfast. There were already many pack members there happily eating. The children were running in circles around their parents. 

Giggling out loud, Aylin imagined this would be her life in the future. 

Heading for the kitchen one of the children, tripped and skinned their knee. Without hesitation, she picked up the crying little boy, placing him on the table. "Did you hurt yourself, sweetheart?" 

"It hurts, Luna," he cried. His little sobs were breaking Aylin's heart. 

"Stay right here," she said. Running into the kitchen, she wet a towel with warm water. "Audrey, do we have any band aids or bandages in here?" 

"Oh, yes, Majesty. Under the sink," she replied, pointing downward. 

Pausing for a moment, she felt almost awkward hearing the older woman say that to her. "Audrey, you can call me Aylin. I won't tell," she teased.

"I don't think the King would approve."

"You let me worry about the King," she smiled, kissing the older woman's cheek. "Oh, and could you do me a favor?" 

Taking her supplies to the little boy still on the table, she gently cleaned the wound, applying the band aid. "How's that?" 

"It-it still stings," he hiccuped. 

Aylin tried a different tactic. "What's your name, sweetheart?" 

"Keon!" Turning their heads, a very distraught woman came running toward them. "Are you alright, honey?" 

"Yes, Mama."

Smiling at the mother and son hugging, the mother then turned to Aylin. "Thank you, Your Majesty. My little Keon here is rather clumsy." She hugged her so fiercely. "My name is Hadley, Your Majesty."

"Nice to meet you Hadley. My name is Aylin. And don't worry, it's okay for children to be clumsy. I think he's going to be fine warrior one day." Turning to the boy, he smiled at Aylin. "Keon, can you ask your Mama whether you can have the surprise I have for you?" 

Getting excited, he started bouncing up and down on the table. "Can I have it, Mama? Please? Please?" 

Somewhat bewildered, the mother resigned herself. "Yes, as long as you ask nicely." 

Hopping off the table, the little boy bowed in front her. "May I have the surprise, Your Majesty?" 

Tilting his little chin up, his hazel eyes sparkled. "Yes, you may. Wait right here." Bounding into the kitchen, Aylin grabbed the surprise. Coming back out, he was sitting properly at the table, waiting patiently. Sliding it in front of him, he smiled happily. 

"Its in the shape of a heart," he squealed. 

The mother was so touched, small tears dripped down her cheeks. "Thank you, Your Majesty." 

"I may be new to this pack, but I want everyone to survive this, and I know we can. Every small gesture of kindness will keep us together." 

For a moment she didn't notice, but every person stopped what they were doing and gazed at the Luna and the mother. All eyes showed reverence and respect. 

Aylin was slightly embarrassed having all eyes on her, but she didn't flinch. Finding Ezekiel, he smiled at her. 

'You're the best,' he said, through the link.

Without a word, she simply smiled at her man feeling lucky.


Sitting on his own throne, Zagan was feeling restless not having executed his plan yet. He was getting updates from the outside, but it wasn't enough to satisfy his thirst for revenge. 

"Master," a lower demon bowed before him. 


Flinching slightly, the demon continued. "The Alpha and the Luna of the Dark Moon pack are headed for the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack."

"I know that already, you idiot!" 

"M-my apologies, Master!" 

Standing up in a rage, he kicked the demon onto it's back. "Get everyone ready! Once I get my hands on that girl, I want every single wolf in that pack dead!" 

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