Chapter One: Addictions

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Sam's POV

As you may know, I'm famous, all around the world, I live in a mansion, and I have 1.1 million subscribers. Things are looking my way, at least in front of my camera, but behind, I'm worried.

Since the Japan trip with Elton, Brennen, Jay, and Colby, they went to the suicide forest, everyone came out perfectly fine maybe a little shaken up right after, but fine. Everyone but Colby. Almost a month after the suicide forest, Colby started drinking and hasn't stopped, he hasn't been drinking that much, but he still has, and a lot more than anyone of us in the house. Now things have been getting worse, a few days ago Colby and I filmed a video for the Sam and Colby channel, he kept wanting to wander away, go to the edges of the highest places, he looks at the ground and it seems as if he is legitimately contemplating on jumping.

*During the TFIL video*

"What time is it?" Elton asked,

"1:35" Brennan replied.

"Then we are not going back."


All I know is that during that trip, Elton made everyone go further, after telling them that they might see a body, they all didn't want to go, and the whole time Colby was in front, he is the youngest of all of them.

Anyway enough of that, I woke up to a thump at around 2:30 AM coming from downstairs followed by some yelling. I get up to go see what was happening. As I walk down the stairs I see Elton, Corey, and Colby in the kitchen.

"Colby, calm the heck down," I began raising my voice, "what's the problem?"

"I start walking down the stairs, and see Colby drinking straight out of the bottle," Elton said looking pissed, "and we made a rule to not keep any alcohol in the house, for the viewers," Elton said walking past Colby to a cabinet, opened it, and there lay not one, but two empty bottles of whiskey. I look at Colby, disappointed.

"Worst of all," Corey said, "he is absolutely fucking hammered right now."

I sigh, walking over to the two bottles, pick them up over my head, and smashed them on the countertop out of pure anger. I know it isn't that big of a deal, but I don't want to lose my best friend.

"Bro, what the fuck?" Colby slurred

"I know it's what you want, but you know we can't let you do this," I said

"I'm with Sam on this one Colbs sorry, but he's right," Corey agrees with me.

"I still honestly don't..." Colby began

"I don't care, Colby we made a rule, for our viewer's sake, and if you don't want to follow it, then you know what that means,"

"Fine, I'll make an effort." He said running up the stairs.

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