Back To Where It Started, Back To You: Prologue

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Back To Where It Started, Back To You


Sometimes, true love isn't about letting go of the person you love, just because you thought that the person your heart beats for likes/loves another person. Love is worth fighting for, fight for your love, wether, or not the person loves you as well.

Love doesn't make the world go round, but it's love that makes the ride worth wile.

Love conquers all, even destiny and fate.

I have one thing left to say, and that is, WE ARE UNDENIABLY DESTINED FOR LOVE.

A Josh and Dane Love Story


Anthony Joshua Miller  

- An 18 year-old Teen  

-Rich and the Only Child  

-Half American - Half Filipino  

-Grew up in America but owns a heart of a True Filipino  

-Stayed in the Philippines for more than a year  

-He knows how to sing  

-Loves to play Basketball, Tennis and Baseball...Sporty  

-Charming and Intelligent  


-One of a Kind  

-He could probably be the boy that every girl would wish for.  

-A Romantic Stud that could capture every girl's heart.

Danielle Erica Gomez  

-A 16 year-old Teen  

-Rich with 3 siblings  

-A Full pledged Cebuana  

-Grew up in Cebu  

-Stayed in Manila for her High School till her College Life  

-Knows how to sing and dance  

-Loves to play Volleyball  

-Charming and Intelligent  

-Dream Girl ng Bayan

Kyle Jared Dela Cruz  

-A 17 year-old Teen  

-Rich and the Only Child  

-Grew up in Manila  

-Knows how to dance  


-Plays Basketball and Tennis  

-Josh's Best friend

Carl Justin Tolentino  

-A 17 year-old Teen  


-Josh's and Kyle's Closest Friend  

-Belongs to the Group Charming Trio

Emerald Jasmine Santos  

-A 16 year-old Teen  


-Danielle's Best friend

Camille Jane Guevarra  

-A 16 year-old Teen  


-Danielle's and Jasmine's Closest Friend  

Robert Daniel Gutierrez  

-A 17 year-old Teen  


-Fall for Dane  

-Dane's Suitor

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