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The weekend had come to an end, meaning Kaminari would have to return to school.

He enjoyed school, but with his current situation and problem he knew this coming week wouldn't be very easy to get past.


Kaminari rose up from his pillow, sunlight from his window lighting up his room. He stretched and slid off his bed to get ready.

Once he had gotten ready he checked his phone, clearing any unwanted notifications. He opened a text message from the group chat.

Anyone have any idea what we will be doing today in class??

No, but it better be fun and not some stupid classwork.


Kaminari had arrived at school, walking into the classroom and looked at his desk. Most of his friends were already seated in their seats, talking about whatever, they didn't seem to notice that Kaminari had walked in yet. Besides one person, Sero.

Sero had obviously been staring at Kaminari, but the blonde didn't look to him. He could already feel the need to cough creep up on him. It hasn't been 10 minutes and he already had some petals want to forcefully exit his body.

He pushed back the need to cough as best as he could, holding it back long enough to at least greet his friends.

"Good morning guys" Kaminari forced a smile, sitting down in his seat.

Everyone had said good morning, besides Bakugo of course, he couldn't be bothered to say anything. Kaminari had felt a strange feeling of someone staring at him, he turned around.

His yellow eyes meeting with black pupils, an awkward moment of eye contact was shared.

"Are you okay?"
A question others would normally ask Kaminari, not something he would ask.

The raven haired boy spoke out his response
"Yeah, sorry, just spaced out"
He smiled, scratching the back of his neck. Sero's small smile making Kaminari's heart flutter ever so slightly, causing him to give an actual smile too.

Suddenly, the need to cough became worse. He got up quickly and ran out of the bathroom, shoving the door open and nearly collapsing into the stall. Soon, Kaminari felt as there was no more petals to come from his lungs.

'How strange, I usually have to force myself to stop coughing for them to stop.'
He thought, wiping off the running blood from his mouth and flushed the bathroom toilet.

Kaminari walked to one of the sinks, washing his hands. He looked up at the mirror, thinking to himself.

'Am I finally getting over this disease?'

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