Obsidian Trails

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"This here's poison oak. You'd want to stay clear of it while you're here. That and stick to the trails and ya'll be fine," Mr.Denbrough explained to the newer kids, barely glancing towards us. 

Sure, we may have been here last year but human beings forget sometimes. I looked over my shoulder and see Alex talking to Brooks.  

Alex is my best friend. We've known each other for 8 years and people say we look like brothers. We're pretty much the same except for the fact that he is ridiculously superstitious.  

A few years ago he threatened to do some voodoo shit on Barry Holsten, the high school bully; but that only won him a bloody nose. 

For the past five years, I've had a considerate liking for Brooks. And that grew into a serious crush a year after when I finally started talking to her. 

I didn't tell anyone. Not even Alex. He was notorious for having a big mouth, and he was as good keeping secrets as Shaquille O'Neil was at miniature golf. 

It was a mid-summers day, but the sky was strangely gloomy, but also calm. I was reading a paperback called 'WOOL' when I see Brooks and- 

"Jason, Jason are you still with us?" 

I turned my head forward and up and realized everyone was staring at me. 

It looked like it was about to rain, which might explain Mr.Denbrough's rough tone. He was usually really laid back. 

"Y-yes sir," My voice came out croaky. I cleared my thoat and tried again, "Yes, Sir." 

"Good. Now, I want everyone to follow me. And remember, stick to the tracks. No one wants to get lost know do they."  

I feel a hand clasp my shoulder. 

It was Alex. 

"What were you daydreaming about, dude?" 

"Nothing... just. . . I was trying to find the point in my parents sending me to this crappy camp every summer vacation." I said that monotonously, sounding very unnatural. It was the only excuse I could think of at such short notice. 

Its not like I could say: Oh, nothing you little fucker. Your little pea-brain couldn't figure out I've had a crush on the girl you were chatting u- 

What the hell? 'I shouldn't be thinking anything like that,' I kept telling myself while we walked up the dirt track, and left the poison oak behind.  

The sky was getting darker and the air was moist. 

We all walked for about half an hour. One left and three rights. I kept track of the change in directions to maybe rid my mind of anything having to do with either Alex and Brooks. 

But there they were up ahead. She brushed her hair behind her ear and cupped a hand over her mouth and giggled as he said something.  

They looked back at me and her giggled turned to a laugh. 

Moments later her eyes went to the dirt trail again while Alex shot me a grin before doing the same. 

I could hear my heartbeat, almost as if it was right below my ears. I was...I was blushing! I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Kids would make fun of me and said I looked like an apple. 

But all the kids were indulged in their own conversations and I was the last one on the trail. Dozens of footsteps were imprinted on the soft dirt underneath as I kept walking.  

Like watching a video of an avalanche in reverse.

Eventually we reached the camp site. Which was, as of now, just a small clearing with a few beer bottles scattered on three sides; and a black... well, what used to be fire lay in the centre. 

Mr.Denbrough ordered a few of the kids to pick up any piece of garbage they see and collect them in a pile. How he was planning to get rid of it was a mystery.

One of them was a short, but surprisingly skinny brunette who I think was named Kevin. I have no idea who the others are though and I can't be less bothered to learn their names. 

As always, Alex and I are gonna share a tent. But he was still busy with brooks so I decided to pitch it on my own. 

I set down my backpack and was about to grab the tools when one of the kids sent to clean suddenly fell backwards and uttered a scream. He started crab-crawling backwards away from the bushes, mouth agape. 

We all ran towards it while the kid kept crawling away, his eyes never left the bush. What I saw left my gut in tangles.  

A man or what used to be a man, his chest was cut open, and from there another incision was made towards his belly. His entrails lay on the ground. Eyes gouged out and dark hollow sockets left behind. His fingers have been bent backwards and his mouth remained in a scream.

Dried blood surrounded the corpse. 

I've seen enough. 

I ran.

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