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    IT WAS GETTING ANNOYING FOR JAZEON, THE DOCTOR WAS ALWAYS THERE Asking him where he has been and what he has done, Doctor Hero was acting like a father to him, and it was infuriating Jazeon, it reminded Jazeon how he couldn't save his father who deserved more than he ever did.

But of course, It was near the holiday breaks, and Jazeon was debating on whether to visit the childrens on his orphan or visit his grandparents. It was a hard choice, but in the morning owl, there was something that will add up to his timetable in the holidays.

As Jazeon sat beside Regulus in breakfast while Caprico was nowhere to be found, Numerous owls flew inside the room as it dropped letters for each students who got a letter from someone. Jazeon didn't expect any letter that day, except the letters he normally gets from his grandparents.

Then all suddenly, Jazeon saw the Black Family messenger owl that had amazingly black feathers and a little snowy stomach feathers. Jazeon expected it to drop it to Regulus who was just beside him because he always sees that owl flying beautifully in and drop any existing letter from the blacks to Regulus.

But all unexpectedly, The owl dropped the letter to Jazeon. Regulus looked questioningly as he stared at the letter that has landed on the table right in front of Jazeon.

"Oh, maybe the owl just dropped it to the wrong person." Jazeon tried to reason, he didn't see anything on why on earth would the blacks send him a letter, he wasn't any VIP.

"But the black family owl, Aries, never drops any letter to the  wrong person. Aries is well trained by Uncle Phineas the II himself." Regulus states, Jazeon furrowed his eyes brows as he stated at the letter in front of him that was laying by its back which didn't show who it is for.

"Well, There's gotta be a first on everything." Jazeon reasoned, Regulus shooked his head dismissing the idea.

"How about just open it and tell me what it is about." Regulus told him, Jazeon nodded defeatedly as he took the letter, he turned it around and saw a nice cursive writing written in black.

tσ: jαzєσn lєσnαrd vєllєr
frσm: wαlвurgα αnd σríσn вlαck

Jazeon's stomach dropped, he was nervous on what they had written for him, he had never met the couples before, but from Regulus he heard, They despised Muggleborns and Blood traitors and that they were also really strict.

"R-Reg, Its from your parents, they had wrote for me." Jazeon said nervously and his stutters weren't hidden. Regulus turned to Jazeon confused on why his parents would write to his bestfriend, he could only hope it wasn't negative, but then again, the blacks love Jazeon despite Jazeon being oblivious of it.

As Regulus nodded for him to read it, Jazeon opened it but hesitantly as he pealed off the black wax that had the black family crest on it,

     Dear Mr Jazeon Veller,

     Regulus has spoken highly of you in any time he has the chance of you, from what we heard from Regulus, you came from two noble and wealthy houses.

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