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"So, how was your first training? Managed to kill anyone yet?"

Keira jumped at the sudden voice which was laced with...think again, mockery. Holding the much-needed scoff she looked behind to see Darkness watching her from her doorstep, his expression relaxed as if he had all the time in the world.

Huh...He looked like he was having the best time of his life while she looked like she just crawled out of a ironic. Keira thought with a groan.

"So, did you?"

She almost forgot what he asked just a little ago. The harsh memory of her using powers without any spells filled her mind, which had her glare at his playful eyes and lashing out in anger. "And don't you have any better thing to do than stalk young girls!?"

"Hmm." He hummed watching her with a stoic face. "Looking at your face it looks like it wasn't exactly fun. Was it?" He said and chuckled to look at the books lying on her bed like it was some kind of sick joke.

The moment he took the books in his hands to see, another chuckle left from his lips making Keira clench her fist. As much as she wanted to punch him in the face, it was best if she refrained herself from doing that.

" my little soul learning like kids? Should I sing you a lullaby and help you sleep too?"

Her eyes narrowed in anger. Oh, why you little...

"Why do you care? It's none of your business." Keira snapped taking the books from his hand. Keeping them back to where they originally were, she whirled around only to crash into him.

Immediately his arm wrapped around her, a shudder running through her bones but she ignored it. Who knows what he was capable of doing. Hiding the stray hair behind her ear, she could feel his lips near her ear. "I loved the brown hair. It matched your eyes."

Her eyes shot up in surprise. She didn't think he noticed the short black and red hair she was now supporting. She faltered for a moment if she should say thank you but his expression gave no clue as to what he was thinking. So, she waited for him to continue talking.

And, he didn't disappoint her.

Cause the next moment, he was back to being an inconsiderable jerk. "Well... if my future wife blows up someone from her magic then I've to step up already. You know, don't want this little soul to be corrupted."

He stepped back seeing her cheeks getting warmed making the blush permanent. She was embarrassed and angry. Her face darkened at the thought of him mocking her like she was just some child.

"You know what; the funny thing is you're giving me a lecture on how I should behave when you are the one who corrupted me. I was never like this. I may not learn anything before but I had control over myself. But thanks to you I've become this." Keira could practically hear the venom in her voice as she stated that. Thankfully, he too felt her anger as his eyes flashed dangerously.

"Oh, really?" He took a dangerous step towards her leaving her no choice but to step back. "I have saved you from dying. You know what, I could have let them kill you but I didn't. I smelled that powerful pure aura within you. You were too precious to be dead."

This time she was fully prepared to ignore his existence as his husky voice met her ears. "And last time I checked you were chosen for me so you will always be for the Darkness, for me. Dead or alive, no matter what little soul."

He kept talking and it was pissing her off to no end. Dark thoughts such as ripping his heart or throat out came into her mind and just as the thought occurred, she found herself shaking her head. In this world, losing yourself was only a few steps away. She couldn't think just like this monster thinks. She could bet with a grimace that he dreamed of eating her brain someday.

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