Catch them!

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Undyne was looking for a new dummy to punch in the garbage dump after the last one was torn apart, when suddenly something small and blue ran by her, followed by three more figures.

-Catch theeeeeeeem!-

She made out a voice shouting.

-Chase? Who is breaking the law?-

The head of the Royal Guards caught up with the chase in a moment, but stumbled upon one of the running. The unfortunate was Asriel, and Chara with Mike ran into Undyne after him, and all four flew into the water. Mike backed away, scared by the view of Undyne. Chara was already familiar with her and Asriel wasn't afraid of other monsters.

-Wow! Your Highness... Highnesses? You should watch out more!-

The fish monster noticed.

-You were the one to run us over, not the opposite!-

Asriel said angrily. Undyne shrugged awkwardly while rubbing her neck before coming back to the main topic:

-So, who is the lawbreaker you decided to chase? Should I arrest them?-

-No, hell no! They aren't a law breaker, they are a human!-


The entire underground was put on ears the moment the news about a human that was hiding somewhere in Waterfall spread. The actual Royal Family got the news when Cameron was trying to understand what Alex had to explain about his homework.

-Cameron, are you listening?-

The older brother snapped.

-Yes, I am trying to! I can barely concentrate!-

Cameron shouted back and put his head in his hands. Alex sighed and massaged temples, hoping not to overreact.

-Come on, it isn't even hard! If you didn't understand the assignment itself...-

And then Cameron's phone rang. Both groaned in annoyance.

-Are you kidding me or what?!-

Cameron shouted stressfully. Alex sighed deeply, hitting the chair he sat on to get out the anger before calming down and messing Cameron's hair.

-Take a break. It's from Asriel, answer.-

The moment he answered he heard Asriel screaming:


Shock. The action was back into the lives of the Royal Family members.
Meanwhile Undyne put on feet all the Royal Guards that existed. Waterfall guards had to look for the human while Snowdiners and Hotlanders had to prevent them from leaving the area and getting lost in another one. Chara, Asriel and Mike joined the mission. They were guarding the river that was going around the underground from three different spots of Waterfall. Mike, who wasn't usual to the Waterfall monsters, was fascinated and scared. There a turtle - at least he though it was a turtle - with a duckling on its back was circling him, and he was getting nervous.

-E-excuse me... Who are you?-

He muttered.

-Woshua! You are unwashed!-

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