2.0 | new awakening

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gayoung woke up to the sound of machines beeping and the cries of a woman followed with comforting words of a man.

she twitched before opening her eyes. she squinted as she tried to adjust to the brightness of the room.

"she's awake!" the woman cried. "honey, she's awake!"

the man and woman hugged before the man went off to look for a nurse or doctor.

the woman sat back down besides gayoung's bed and held her hand tightly, smiling softly, "my sweet daughter, do you remember me?"

"m-me..? your.. daughter?" gayoung slowly pulling back her hand and eyeing the woman cautiously. "who are you? where am i? no.. what's the date today?"

the woman's smile was replaced with a worried and hurtful expression, "sweetheart, it's the first of apri 3018. i'm your mother and you're in the midnight star hospital."

midnight star hospital? 3018? the fuck?

"y-you're joking," gayoung shook her head. "it's 2018, not 3018! a place like midnight star hospital doesn't even exist!"

"my dearest daughter," the woman weeped as she caressed gayoung's face. "do you even remember your name?"

"moon gayoung," gayoung simply replied with.

the woman's eyes widened, "what? where'd you get that name?"

gayoung frowned in confusion. she glanced up at the television that displayed the weather forecast and indeed, it was the first of april 3018.

"wh-what on earth is going on?" gayoung threw a worried gasp at the woman.

just right after, the same man from before walked in with a doctor. gayoung tilted her head in confusion.

"i see miss shin minjoo has woken up," the doctor smiled.

i'm shin min what?

the doctor cleared his throat, "you've been in a car crash and have been in a coma for almost one and a half years now. you're injured was very critical but thankfully you survived. as a result of your injuries, you have lost your memories."

"but how come i remembered... things from 2018?" minjoo asked, gripping tightly onto the blanket that covered her.

"ah about that," the doctor smiled. "some patients dream of their past lives while they are in a coma, so it's a normal happening."

past.. life?

the woman, her mother, hugged her, "thank god you're still alive."

minjoo hugged her mother back, "me too."

but that wasn't the only thing that was bothering her.

will i get to meet him again?

6 months later..

"wow i love university!" minjoo exclaimed sarcastically as she stepped out of her last class for the day.

"hey minjoo!" hana, a girl who looks like joohwi, slung her arm around minjoo's shoulders.

"what's up?"

man, i already miss everyone.

"you have someone crushing on you~" she wriggled her eyebrows. "oh and he wants to meet you!"

"who, when and where?"

hana pointed to the gates. minjoo's eyes followed the direction and she froze on her spot.


"hurry along now!" hana ushered minjoo, who was still struck with shock, and ran away as soon as she pushed minjoo towards 'jaemin'.

minjoo gulped when 'jaemin' looked at her in the eye. he chuckled and showed her the same old smile of his that she loved so much.

he shyly rubbed the back of his neck, the scene causing minjoo to have a mini heart attack. "h-hi.." he said, his voice melting her.

"y-yeah, hi," she felt her cheeks heating up.

he chuckled, "this is quite some second meeting huh?"

"oh yeah! i bumped into you this morning!" minjoo paused.

wait.. that sentence sounds familiar..
(chap one folks)

"do you remember me?" he asked.

"uhm.. what do you possibly mean?"

"my name," he said. "what's my name?"

"na jaemin— wait no," minjoo mentally cursed at herself.

stupid, it's been a whole thousand years already.

he let out a sigh of relief, "thank god."

minjoo blinked blankly at him, "eh?"

"i have something important to tell you," he said, looking at her sternly.

"go on..."

"i heard you remembered your past life and, i might sound weird but, i need you to confirm something for me," he said.

"well then, what do u need to confirm for you?"

"moon gayoung," he said. "you're moon gayoung, right?"

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