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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I felt somebody nudging me.

I would've ignored it if my brain hadn't woken up. I jerked up and looked around.

Oh shit.

I was in the classroom. Everyone had gone out. The teacher, who was supposed to be the substitute one, was impatiently looking at me, probably waiting for me to get my whole self out of there too.

"Dear, you don't sleep in class. I believe you know that?" She asked in a distasteful way.

I smoothed out my hair and nodded. Picking up my bag and stuffing my book inside, I stood up groggily and smiled nervously at her.

"I'm sorry." I said before sprinting out of the class.

Firstly, I was relieved it was the last class and secondly, I was so much angry that I wanted to kill a specific person. I freaking told him to wake me up when the class gets over. He didn't care and left me like that. He's so going to pay for it. I'm so going to kill him.

You just wait and watch, Caden.

Turns out somebody stayed for me after all. As I reached the grounds almost everyone was gone except my only best friend, Alex.

"I thought you slept in there." He said with an eye roll, opening the door of his car and getting inside.

That was the truth but I wasn't the one telling him. I've already made enough fool of myself.

"Why did you stay? I mean, you don't usually stay on Mondays, right?" I asked sitting inside.

He started the car before answering me.

"I told you you're coming at my house and explaining this shit." He muttered, reversing the car.

Oh damn.

What would I say now? I didn't even remember him mentioning anything about that. Or maybe he did.

"I...uh, need to go home first." I mumbled.

I wasn't even trying to make it sound convincing. What was wrong with me?

"No, you don't. You're telling me, Skylar." He said before driving out of the parking lot.

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